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  1. Privet Thibault, It's here : http://www.warmongersinc.net/files/gothcensor/ I found this while looking at cable http://www.warmongersinc.net/files/setting-the-record-straight-on-los-similares-and-u-s-military-training/ Some letters were darker. Together, they write GOTHCENSOR. My english is not very good, but i recongized anagram for GHOSTRECON. And i tried it as URL. It shows hidden file, with list of passwords. And tadaaa, the first one is A) CIA_GRID USERNAME:CIASUPERPASSWORD:IacSuper$ The security badge was nice one, i like this. But who do you think this soldier is ?
  2. I'm in too ! Hi all, by the way - i'm new on this forum, and thrilled to be here.
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