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  1. Got it as well, oh man, not happy at all... No pre-mission planning ala Rogue Spear, really really bad AI. 5 levels, 5... Couldn't connect with friends on the MP servers. I had a "lost connection" in SP a few times, what the?!? Why it wasn't put on as early access i'll never know, an unfinished product. If you want a clear picture of it, watch this. It's pretty much the same as my experience
  2. Hey peeps check out this game called Receiver It has excellent gun and bullet mechanics. The point of the game is to collect 11 tapes and avoid/destroy drones and turrets placed randomly around the map. Every map is also generated randomly each time you play it so no two maps are the same and the tactical hit capabilities with how and where you shoot drones and turrets affect your success in progress. The game has perma-death and limited bullets so it's super tricky to play. The tactical element kinda reminds me of the early Rainbow Six games as you have to explore every nook of every room for bullets, tapes and enemies because survival is really important for success in getting all three. And it's very cheap to buy http://www.wolfire.com/receiver
  3. Hmm, it's not a "bad" game but there are issues like the linearity of missions, lack of planning a mission and the overarching story invading the game during a mission which makes it a bit groan worthy, especially when it goes a bit 'on the rails' with the shooting sequences. Once you've ironed the kinks out with the mouse and graphics settings it's ok to play. It will be better with patches released. I like the cover system and the 3rd person view, its what I expected through SC:C and R6V but alot better. In terms of games, ARMA II: Combined Ops is probably the closest thing to OGR though
  4. Gache is right. Anti aliasing isn't the topic I was talking about. With regards to the BMS mod and others like it like Fake Factories Cinematic Mod for HL2, they all started out this way with general texture upgrades and then modelers came in onboard later. They're out there, believe me, there only really needs to be a solid reason for the work to happen. That's all. Both examples actually have their own executables so they operate around the framework of the original engine but don't rely on the engine's limitations to show the enhancements. It's a shame something hasn't happened on Cry engine or UDK already. The tools are there for something to be made. A Ghost Recon reboot on cry engine would be epic Here's Fake Factories Cinematic Mod 11.35 in action for those of you who aren't familiar with it. Half Life 2 never looked so good! The executable that runs it requires a 64bit Windows OS, so you are warned. Version 7 or 8 was the last that was 32bit compatible [media=]
  5. Haters will hate... This game was meant for PC, looking forward to it!
  6. The reskinning job you've done is fantastic, there's no doubt how much of a mammoth undertaking that would've been. It reminds me of the origins of the Falcon 4.0 Benchmark Sim mod (BMS) project that updated Falcon 4.0 to what it is now. Video is below Will the character and map models be tessellated/subdivided to have more rounded edges? The low poly count of the models, especially with the maps, betray the quality of your hard work to some degree. It would be a huge plus if a 3D modeler got onboard the project to remodel all the poly's and smooth them out to compliment the texturing effort you've made.
  7. They blur their faces out but they list the 'mo-cap' talent at the end credits?!? Who edited this clip? Unless those names are aliases, it totally defeats the purpose of hiding the identity of the former navy seals altogether
  8. Does anyone here play 'Neo Tokyo'? If you haven't heard of it, but are into CQB style games like Rainbow Six or GR:O, then you will love this HL2 mod. Get it now! http://www.neotokyohq.com/ [media=]
  9. I like the fact they release on console first, because they get the unrefined garbage first so that we pc users (optimisation and updates for the PC version withstanding, depending on the publisher obviously) end up with the better version of the product. It's not always the case but it sounds like Ubisoft are hearing the main points of criticism this time which I think is good of them to do. And that suits me fine
  10. I Agree. Sorry to play devils advocate but it's the way things are unfortunately. OS'es will continue to upgrade and US$119 for a copy of it is not really expensive unless you have a system that dates back to hardware more than 8 years old and need to upgrade or you're under a legal age to be working part time (and too young to be playing a game like Ghost Recon to begin with) XP is getting phased out http://gs.statcounter.com/#os-ww-monthly-201105-201205
  11. I can understand those who have bought the game who still have XP would be frustrated, it's a pain in the butt. In all seriousness though, Microsoft have abandoned XP for a while now and Win7 is infinitely better. It was no different when the transition between DOS to Win 95 came, many still wanted to use DOS but it was an eventuality that Win 95 would be the victor given the number of devs producing for it over DOS. By the time Win 98 was out, every non-linux PC program was Windows only and 32 bit. It's the same with Win 7. But unlike Win 95 (or Vista), the upgrade to Win 7 is totally worth it on many, many levels. It's a step forward. Trust me, XP will be phased out with the new software requirements in 2yrs time, many programs will be making the transition to a purely 64 bit OS environment. And malware developed then will be capable of bypassing all of XP's security features too as the OS will receive no security support updates for a considerable length of time. It'd be madness to stay with it any longer.
  12. If my eyes don't deceive me, Ubisoft have given GR:O an April release date on their website. No specific day, just April 2012. Interesting... http://www.ubi.com/US/Games/Info.aspx?pId=9814
  13. Hi Christian, great work! I wish you and the team at Serellan all the best with Kickstarter and the project as a whole Just a few questions, will this game projected to be purely Multiplayer/co-op or will there be a single player campaign aswell? Also will the game be fully moddable with custom weapons/maps? Or is it too early in the process to tell at this point?
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