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  1. Thanks Sid, for the welcome and the info. I realize that GRAW2 is "different" and don't mind that as long as we can have fun with it. Stock maps that we've looked at ("we" being two of us in DM mode) that don't look too daunting size-wise: Arroyo Crashsite (stay'n near the crash) Fort The Cut (maybe) Lagoon (maybe...looks fairly linear) I've seen references to Headquarters & Pipeline but don't have those and am thinking that they are console-only, correct? What would you think are the best game modes for us besides the usual DM & TDM....RVSA? HH maybe? Is the MP Campaign mode a good choice in regard to respawns, as in not having to wait to respawn and not respawning waaaaay back at the beginning like in COOP? I know that the AI can be over-come with practice but as with other Ubisoft games the non-adjustable AI difficulty is really annoying. Was like that in R6:V2 which we played a lot, and would still except for the terminal "machine gun loop" bug that they either couldn't or wouldn't fix. Which is a shame as there aren't many good FPS COOP offerings out there for the PC AFAIK. Cheers, M
  2. Hi, New to GRAW2 but not to MP gaming and hosting (BHD:TS, HL2:DM, R6:V2, COD series, MOH, BF:BC2, Crysis2, etc). We have 6 players in our clan, all old friends, and only play private. I already have a GRAW2 dedi-server (such as it is) working. I realize that the GR series isn't targeted to small groups but was wondering if anyone could recommend any stock/custom maps (versus or otherwise) that might work better than others for us. We've tried a few of the stock maps and with the grid-map we can co-operate a bit and find each other without too much of a search. We've tried a couple stock COOP maps but the AI-difficulty is insane, and the spawn points suck....no spawn-on-team capability that I've found at least. FWIW, the graphics (with tweak'n) and DM/TDM play looks pretty good for such an out-dated game but if we have to spend most of our time roam'n the countryside then the guys are gonna get bored pretty quick. Right now there's just a couple of us who bought the game so we can check it out to see if it's worth pursuing. We're disenchanted with the COD direction (after v5 anyway) so been looking for other games (on a budget) to take it's place. TIA, M
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