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  1. There's one that uses a larger rifle round out there. I'll try to find out more info about it. It's a custom built that costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000. And it's claimed to be a pistol.
  2. Ya know, if ya think about it, that is not a lot of money they're asking.
  3. Well, I stand corrected. Heres the link. RAH-66 Commanche
  4. I did a bunch of funeral ceremonies while I was in the 82d. We actually had spent casings from live rounds. We even had to polish the casings before we left for the ceremony. I don't believe many people know that they're even placed in the flag. As for the folding method, we never were told to make sure there were a certain amount of folds involved. It just worked out that way as we passed it down the casket line. They also inspected us harder than a I.G. inspection for those ceremonies. It is the most humbling thing I can ever remember doing in my life. To this day, I still get choked up hear
  5. Correct. You must be in a Ranger Battalion to wear the tan beret. If you go to Ranger school and earn the tab, but if you're in say, the 82d airborne division, you just get the tab and still wear the maroon beret.
  6. The last I heard was that the project was cancelled.
  7. And just how many of you "experts" have ever been through these programs?
  8. I agree with you dude. Iraq-done Syria- France- decisions, decisions...who should be next...
  9. That takes thousands of rounds of practice my friend. I watched a guy in Ohio (live and right in front of me) use a .44mag to put holes in old expended .45-70 casings. He missed a few times but even so, he did it standing and unsupported. If you shoot and want to do that, get ready to live at the range. Oh yeah, the range was +/-50 meters
  10. Well, no luck. Any time I tried to save it no matter what level I set the lights to, it would not work right. I followed you tuorial to the letter and still zip. Is it possible that anyone can change the lighting in the Polling Center map from day to night??? One other thing, how much do the rsb files darkmap... have to do with the light effect in these here maps? Thanks
  11. Does anyone remember "The Final Option" ? It was about the Brits SAS. Released in the early or mid 1980's. I thought it was a pretty cool movie. But I havent seen it on VHS or DVD in years if it ever made it to DVD. And as for those SAS guys that are getting their stories called untrue, It would seem to me that their government would want to try to suppress stuff like that. Look at Richard Marcinko of Navy SEAL fame, All kinds of people called him a storyteller, but is some of that stuff what the US gov wants the public to know?
  12. You might be referring to DAGRM 4.8 or 4.7 try that
  13. Thanks a whole bunch! Hopefully I can get this stuff going correctly so I can U/L something.
  14. How 'bout a pizza and a ####? (If she says no)... What, you don't like pizza? Moderator edit for content. No more attempts to bypass the swear filters.
  15. Who the hell created those patterns?! They look like something from Eddie Bauer.
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