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  1. At last, All sorted....... It was the vid card, Replaced it and my pc starts up first time . Thanks guys, Appreciate it..
  2. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but this damn thing is only starting up now when it really wants to (now taking 3 hours plus to startup). I've done some swapping with the RAM and it still has the same problem so from what you guys say, It's down to the vid card. Hopefully, I'll be getting my hands on a borrowed one tomorrow so I'll see how it goes.
  3. Thanks for the help up to now guys..... I have a 9500 pro card that needs to be powered by the PSU. I'll try with the RAM then the vid card and see what happens. I'll report back on Sunday.
  4. OK, Here's the way it is...... When I power up my PC, All the fans startup but nothing else. I get no beep from the BIOS or anything, It just hangs there for ages. What I have to do is keep pressing the restart button for anything up to 30 mins and it eventually starts up. I thought it might have been a PSU problem so I put a new one in, It's just the same. I bought a new mobo and it's still the same, Only thing left is a faulty HDD. Could a faulty HDD cause the PC not to startup at all ?, Not even a BIOS check? I'm stuck with this one............ Any help would be appreciated. OHHHHH, I'll be going away for the weekend so won't be able to answer any questions or say thank you until Sunday. TIA Headhunter
  5. Why oh why do I still laugh when I hear that name, I'm 35 yo for gods sake!!! I actually heard someone being called that about 3 week ago. Damn Blue Peter
  6. Don't EVER fall asleep while playing a game with these guys. Click me
  7. In the UK, Very few ISP's offer more than 2Mb (Bulldog I think offer 4Mb). Changes are being made to upgrade phone exchanges to MAXDSL giving everybody the best connection their line will support. Connections are changing in the UK from paying for connection speeds to paying for the amount you download. I got an email from my ISP a couple of weeks ago letting me know they are testing 8Mb later on in the year, Although I'm sure my line will not support that.
  8. My ISP (Plusnet) is also doing the upgrades on customer accounts, At present I'm on the ADSL 512 home package and will be getting upgraded to 2Mb somewhere between mid April and June all for free (line permitting). From what I can gather most, If not all ISP's in the UK will be following suit. The drawback is the download restrictions, I will be getting 30Gb per month to download at peak times and 200Gb off peak. Sounds to me a very good idea.
  9. It's comming up to the time to be slightly (or very) merry. What is everybodies favourite Christmas tune? I'll kick this one off and say, Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl IMO, This one will be extremely hard to beat.
  10. LOL no. It was a job to run their computer department for the cyber cafe they have in the radio station I did used to be a mobile DJ about 15 years ago though.
  11. First piece of advice to offer is to read what Magnumkp has wrote, Especially doing some research on the council department you going for, That will make a BIG difference. It's a sure way of them knowing very well your intersted in the job. The second piece of advice is not to worry about going for an interview with three managers. They are just as human as you and know how nervous people get. I also had a job interview where I was going to be interviewed by the three top brass at BBC Radio Lancashire, I thought it was going to be the worst nightmare in my life, But turned out to be the best interview I've had. BTW.....I never got the job but was a very close second. Good luck.
  12. Best wishes Mike, Have a good one
  13. Should be fun, I'm sure gonna try and be there. I popped in yesterday for 5 mins, Left about 40 mins later, Was great.
  14. There's nothing more to add, Just have a read. http://www.angelfire.com/extreme4/kiddofspeed/
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