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  1. Boys and girls, I have an update, I've decided to bail on my Amason wish list, after comparing the prices + shipping from the US to Estonia, I literally though about shooting myself, so I deleted the list. After that I thought I'd quickly go and check Amazon UK, surprisingly the EVGA GTX980 SC ACX2.0 is worth the order from UK, 580 euros in total, 610 euros from US (and the GPU is the only thing worth buying from outside Estonia, since its cheaper to buy and ship it from the UK than buy one here from a retailer, prices range between 600-800 euros). Now, the main reason why I came back to this topic, I have to choose 2 items, 2 categories, between 4 items in total. Mouse: Zowie FK1 or Razer Taipan Expert Ambidextrous(I like the looks of the white Taipan), but if to compare these two, how much behind would the Taipan be, in terms of performance. Monitor: Asus VG248QE or Benq XL2411Z, I like Asus better, but the price difference is 30 euros (Benq being cheaper), what's the main difference between those 2? Because they seem to be on par with size(24 inch), refresh rate(144hz) and response time(1ms).
  2. I find this quite hilarious, CS:GO commentator at his best.
  3. After such a long and frustrating night, LDLC make it to the finals thanks to Fnatic forfeiting to give LDLC the rightful chance of taking the Grand Final, WHICH THEY DID! The French team LDLC, takes 150 000 dollars and are now Champions.
  4. Who else agrees on this?
  5. With all the stuff taking place due to what happened LDLC vs FNATIC, people are furious (tbh so am I). Because of all the cheating, this is how actually Dreamhack Bucharest should've ended. (the real version is very far from this one - definetly not allowed here)
  6. Protesting for peace by looting and robbing.
  7. FNATIC Flusha definetly not aimlocking on the opposite team. http://www.hltv.org/forum/687273-flusha-6-aimlocks-on-dhw-so-far This is why CS:GO League events don't get as much attention as some booring MOBA Leagues like Dota2 and LoL get. Cheaters don't get banned, even if there's plenty of evidence.
  8. Absolutely disgusting how the #1 CS:GO team has to cheat against the #2 best team in CS:GO so they can qualify for semi-finals.
  9. I KNEW IT! The queen was different.
  10. I'm going all-in on Virtus Pro vs Natus Vincere, if VP lose, I'm quitting CS:GO.
  11. Blame

    gif thread:

    5 minutes before the exams and you forgot everything you learned in the past week.
  12. This is for those that follow Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro teams/matches. After the recent VACbanning of KQLY and sF, you never know what else is gonna happen
  13. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F9jXYOH2c0#t=284
  14. it should be 89,99 off the original price, I believe IGN was selling it 100 dollars off for PS4 or xbox1.
  15. Blame

    gif thread:

    If I would be running away from the police without my glasses when going for a shortcut to save 0,2 seconds.
  16. Arma is not really a milsim for me, its too slow and qlunky, its like trying put a nail through a metal plate.
  17. Eh, well while you can still see through your head lines, which is a bad thing, its not really that big of a game changer.
  18. Blame

    gif thread:

    Smooth. But when she says she's under 16.
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