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  1. What can I say, I played both betas, but...after doing everything in the closed beta, the open beta felt kinda pointless, I explored the new areas for a bit(just flying over compounds with the bird to check what loot they have). I've stopped calling this game Ghost Recon, its just Breakpoint at this point. It is ######, it is ######. Before the release Future Soldier and Online/Phantoms, the franchise has gone to ######. They should go back 12 years and make a GRAW 3. I spent probably an hour at best watching streamers try to play it, I watched Shroud, DrDisRespect, Lirik and a few others...yet none of them actually enjoyed the game, they just took the Ubisoft #AD money and ran off with it after 3 hours of gameplay. I'd only spend time playing this game if the full game was free to play.
  2. 4vs4 pvp until they talk more about pvp in august..what a joke, did they learn anything from Wildlands?
  3. Too futuristic with this drone crap, I hope the pvp supports 16vs16 like in GRAW2. They should've brought back cloaking from FS/Phantoms.
  4. Oh wait I'm not allowed to comment? Sorry for not being a human being according to you, the only thing attracted me was the name, not the gameplay, frankly its really pathetic what they were able to do in 5 YEARS, yeah, I guess I'll leave this place for good if its only for the super fanboys and old men. good bye
  5. Waiting for that 75% discount before I buy this.
  6. I'm sure a lot of people will see the credits (sarcasm).
  7. He tries to be all stealthy and then you see the AI teammates running around like chickens with no heads and they don't get spotted. #Logic
  8. Exactly, like ###### were they thinking when they made this game...makes absolutely no sense at all.
  9. Just pathetic, another reason why not to buy this game.
  10. I'll wait for the finished product before buying it.
  11. I hate 4v4 pvp, this is one of the reasons why not to buy the game for pvp. What they should do instead is battle royale/last man standing, it would fit this game perfectly and would make the game really popular, except they would have to add healing items specifically for that mode.
  12. really, the game just had Open Beta and already announcing DLC? PVP post-launch, how many months? 4 Years and they couldn't get it ready for launch.. I think this might be the only GR I wont buy in the last 10 years.
  13. Having worked on the game for 4 years, I doubt they can fix those ridiculous animation bugs in less than 2 weeks. There have been some pretty ridiculous things I have encountered myself playing solo.
  14. Well, they did advertise it everywhere, amongst big YouTubers with millions of subscribers, Twitch streamers with hundreds of thousands of followers. The problem is that Open Beta was so late, literally 1-2 weeks from the main release, what can they fix in that time?
  15. no, because in your head I'm clearly too negative because the game is not ready for launch.
  16. how about a wishlist thread? Oh too late, game launches in 10 days and is so unpolished.
  17. Will there be PvP in the main launch?
  18. I didn't come here to fight, I pointed out a few things I disagree with and what would be better. Stealth game is kinda weak in the Open Beta, I hope that changes a lot later on, I kind of miss lurking in the shadows with cloak.
  19. what do you mean? People keep calling me a troll in RaceDepartment, yet all they do is insult and troll me. Or are cold hard facts too much for a fan...........boy?
  20. The cover system is fluid yes, but very often it doesn't work at all, you end up staring at the wall instead of end up peeking over it when you engage. I don't see a problem in having to double tap spacebar to climb or jump and tap it once for cover, like in GR Phantoms.
  21. Picked up an enemy gun by accident, now my gun is gone, can't manually take cover..what is this, Rocky I thought you were supposed to help these guys make this game good.
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