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  1. I will try Texas (+ Decennium Interface) and like I said, I will stop GR and try the mods and so ..well any ways thanks!!...
  2. I already did apologize but again, I admit and sorry for crossing the limit. I know I like to exaggerate but IF that happens it's never intentional. So, request to all of you to give me a chance and it won't repeat. thx to the community for keeping the game alive!!.. I will try to continue with the mods since original GRecon is played too much now to ignore the AI.
  3. Code isn't available? As far as I know grecon 1 is free online for multiplayer!!.. and yet ubisoft did not release any source codes?? WTH?...It's such a unique game but really bored to death to catch up with the dumb AI..The TC's and many, many mods are cool but they have their own maps, campaigns and list goes on. I revisited this forum after a year or so with a hope things might have changed. It's really strange that the mod community still has no solution on original titles with lacking problems in AI. I hope mod community takes a note of this and wakes up to come up with some alternative to vanilla good old great title's AI and release some polished work. Seriously disappointed!!.. Such a big mod community and have no reliable mod to encourage me a replay. i have played many other great mods but it's not right to leave the title itself with inconsistencies which is the base for all the mods out there. Sorry for the rant and outburst and thanks for the support!..
  4. If you don't mind can you give a thought on one suggestion? Your mod is cool but lacks touches to the AI. I mean on the outset it's nothing less than an advanced weapon patch that feels real but what about the dumb AI (both enemy + friendly) who hold it? I mean giving a new side to the ingame AI making more at par or equal to future GRecon titles (not that amazing but future titles definitely show a reliable AI than Grecon 1) In short I need more important stuff to play realism mod. hope it's taken with a positive feedback!!..good work!!
  5. Hi friends, playing Grecon standalone and re-installed but always had this complain that there are no mods among the massive list that provides a good patching/tweaking to Grecon's current AI making it more realistic, intelligent and obviously the effects are applied on enemies as well the fellow troops. I have a request can any one recommend AI mods that tweak and scale their (enemy + friendly) perceptiveness to a whole new interesting and challenging state. I do not require huge TC's and unofficial campaigns to work the AI but small or relevant mods that only tweak original Grecon's AI for better!! Thanks a lot for your time to read and looking forward for cool suggestions
  6. Thank you. I'll look into the details for the same and appreciate your time Sir! Also, download links to many mods under "Mission Campaigns" seems broken, Media Fire keeps redirecting for broken links.
  7. Thanks a lot wombat50 and Spik@ Its not working, max 3 fireteams for a platoon to lead is allowed! Lastly, I have heard Heroes unleashed has a buggy AI. I know trying it will give the solution but the size is nearly 1 GB, so would be great if someone shares his/her experience with Heroes Unleashed Mod. Is it really worth downloading? thanks
  8. Hi Friends. Ever since I got the game (back in 2005) hardly got a play through and now after so many years I managed to put the tactical Recon on the disk. Its just amazing, simply WOW from the word GO! Freedom Fighters, SWAT and Ghost Recon are the only best tactical shooters IMHO! Well, I have known everything about the game to a great extent but still some minor doubts prevail which I am requesting from all the GR fans to please provide a solution. My Questions 1. Is there any way to command all the teams to follow one leader (the player) rather setting way points for A, B or C on the map? 2. Replayability is what my main concern is with this series, Frostbite, Bravo, P2, Canadian Operative 2 are few mods that have been a blast to play, esp. Enemy AI is superb, Hard difficulty and importantly, less buggy!!.. In addition to the above, Total Conversions or Campaign Mods Please suggest some other great (less glitchy/ bug-free) Mods Note: I have referred to Mod reviews and I feel that the reviews often leave one crucial point that I really hate about mods, namely Bugs, which I often ran into and had to delete the mods out of irritating reloads.
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