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  1. Love to! Too bad Sony/Microsoft make the process too arduous! That's a shame, I do love how consoles make some gaming seemless and user friendly, PC games to me, esp simulations, can be at times unstable and depending on your rig, unusable. (eyeballing ARMA 2).
  2. My concern for the game is how far this title has deviated away from the orginal GR and even GRAW. It's like everything that worked in all those games was forgotten and then Future Soldier was made. GRFS does have some good pro's to it...like main campaign co-op, gunsmith, and...ummm...well that's it. What is missed, (my opinion only) having a 12 player co-op match, even the original GR feel of openess, and...the M4 rifle.
  3. I don't know, EA might give Codemasters an STD. LOL, made me laugh...However, If DICE and Codemasters made a game...it would be a helluva thing. Still hoping SOMEDAY we see a console game like ARMA with orginal GR tactics and teamplay.
  4. I have a few mods installed, and I must say, I'm really impressed, just a few gun mods and the Heroes exp...very nice indeed. Now I need to start on Recruit instead of Veteran because the enemy is unforgiving and sneaky....
  5. GT Aaron T Wright for co-op play, I have all DLC...
  6. Bumping topic...Interested in finding co-op players...
  7. I'm interested in DL'ing some mods from here, but, I'm a bit hesitant. I'm assuming when I download mods, I would DL to the Steam folder that GR is located in, and that should be it. I'm looking at a popular weapon mod and the hyped "upgrade" that I saw, was it heroes or something??? Anyway it doesn't matter...I just don't want to DL something and have it screw up the game....
  8. Just throwing a line out there to see who bites....I re-purchased GRAW 2 to satisfy my tactical/teamwork itch and I have all the DLC maps. I have the most fun in the campaign co-op maps. And who doesn't???
  9. Granted, I think I'm late for the party, I just purchased GR and the 2 ex-pacs off of Steam after being slightly frustrated with ARMA not running on my PC. So I guess I'm looking for players, to have some fun, in the co-op modes that Ghost Recon does so well.
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