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  1. You can't play this game in first person. It just wouldn't work. But I hope you guys get mod support for your PC version.
  2. Yeah you guys have just hijacked a thread desiged to be positive one for fans of the Future Soldier game. What's wrong with you guys?
  3. If the Cod players didn't score points for kills, then they wouldn't buy the game and Ubi wouldn't make a profit, then we wouldn't have ghost recon... Conflict is a deathmatch style game and it is a good strategy to draw fire away from the objective. For example : Me = Scout - suppressed sub machin gun, Flash bulb and a couple of smoke grenades. I've slipped behind enemy lines and cleaned up. I wait for Alfa team to spawn on me. We move on to the objective. I'm cloaked and hacking whilst my other two fireteam mates are boosting my confidence and providing much needed cover fire. Meanwhile, on the other side of the map Bravo team have some big guns and a drone keeping the enemy busy. Lets re-supply shall we. Consider the alternative. No points unless you are near the objective... Think about it.
  4. Don't know if any of you guys have seen these yet. Seems there are a select few who are already playing the Beta before SCC owners. Wow!!!
  5. Same game, different shop, different map. I'ts not uniform. I have a feeling there is more to it than this. Two friends not being able to play together because they bought from a different seller. Just doesn't gell wih me.
  6. I was a little disturbed to find out that there is going to be a couple of different Guerilla Maps depending on where you Pre-order your copy of the game. Gamestop have a Guerilla Map and Amazon also have thier own (different?) Guerilla map as well as extra guns, skins, headgear etc. I wonder, how are we meant to play co-op with friends if we have different maps. Also, how will this effect leaderboards and such?
  7. Some guy Alex who was live streaming from Pax East being interviewed by a frag doll said that the Beta opens on the 19th. I've heard that it starts on the 12th for SCC owners. Any chance on getting some clarification on what the actual dates are with the correct details. You know, PS and XBOX, closed and open etc etc. This Alex guy mentioned that it was a "Semi Closed" beta. Anyone know the truth?
  8. I've never used a third party controller thats any good. Just doesn't seem right. Both controllers look cheap n nasty to me. Grip pads are a complete waste of time. Someone explain to me why I need grip pads on my controller? Umm... I use Turtle Beach and when I put them on my head, I dont care what they look like, In fact, I dont think about them at all unless I'm adjusting volume or moving mic. Have a close look at the DPad on the XBOX 360 Controller. The head phones look comfortable. Is that a rapid fire switch I can see on the XBOX 360 contoller? The headphones look like you can unclip the graphic on the outside and replace it like an ipod skin. Having said some negatives, Mad Catz are a reputable brand.
  9. It was decided to keep the game in Third Person for PC because the game is designed as a TPS. Being able to see your character is a huge part of the game which enables us to better see and experience what it is like to be part of a hardened special forces squad. Alot of work has gone into developing the game this way. Having the game as a first person shooter would not work with the way the game dynamics have been fleshed out. People who don't like TPS or don't feel that it is right for this franchise need to move on now. We all know you don't like it but it is a TPS. It is a new game and fingers crossed it will be awsome. While the haters are sitting at home grumbling that GRFS is'nt what they hoped, the rest of us are going to be having a great time. The console version of the game looks great too. Perhaps those who don't like TPS can go and give the money they would have spent on GRFS to Kickstarter. I prefer to buy the game play the hell out of it. There is only one way to find out if you like it or not.
  10. Surely the co-op multiplayer map will be available regardless. You can't exclude someone from playing multiplayer because they don't have a pre-order.
  11. I wonder if GR:FS will have a Single Player Leaderboards like Graw 2. I guess there could be a squad based leaderboard too since 4 people can co-op the campaign. I haven't heard anyhing about this so I wonder if it has been mentioned at all. The Graw 2 leaderboard was good untill it was hacked, pity they never fixed it, I guess they didn't think it was worth fixing because they would have to remove the dev cheats from the game to make it work properly. I wonder if the Devs will remove their cheat codes from the game before they release it. Then again, If there are no single player leaderboards then there is no reason to remove the dev cheats.
  12. I was sure that they used more than one server for these types of games. Someone told me recently that half of the GRAW 2 servers had been "ripped out" for other games or for the upcoming release of GR:FS. Dunno, that's is just what I heard. I hear a lot of things on XBOX. As for the "lag switching", it is true that people use them or interference cables or cable splicing. Some even admit to it and believe that there is nothing wrong with it and that they should be able to use what ever hardware they like, besides, everyone else is doing it so... I even overheard a conversation between friends about how to use their switches. One was complaining how it doesn't work and just causes him drop from the game and his friend was telling not to hold it down but to flick it on and off instead. I have just recently deleted and blocked communications from two people on XBL for cheating. One of them turns on his Torrents on his laptop and ramps up the upload wich is probably the easiest way to lagg you connection during a game. The other admitted that he was using a spliced 10 meter coms cable. I hate cheats, your dad is right and they are doing it. I like my games to look good because I'm a graphics junkie and when the enemy or a teammate is telleporting I get crankry because it's ruining my gaming experience. I hate lagging into crosshairs with my suppressed MP5 everytime a particular gamertag is close by.
  13. I realize now that the Quick mission and Campaign leaderboard is mixed together. I'm not sure if the weekly leaderboard takes stats from the full campaign aswell.
  14. I'm pretty sure it's a bug with the Xbox 360 statistics because I have noticed that my own Quick missisons have incorrect stats in them. For instance, enemys killed by support when I am Solo or being engaged by an enemy that has not seen me yet. Another thing I've noticed is that some of the players with the highest scores at the top of the leaderboards have 3 or 4 secondary objectives when there is only one for each level. I have no idea if this is just a bug or a hacked leaderboard. Some of theses guys have huge scores and have had 11 retries and several woundings and have taken ages to finish there mission yet someone under them will have 100% accuracy and completed in good time etc and have low scores. I would like to think that there is a reason for these anomalies. Very unusual. Still won't stop me tryiung to beat them. very satisfying beating someone with a high score.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's a bug with the Xbox 360 statistics because I have noticed that my own Quick missisons have incorrect stats in them. For instance, enemys killed by support when I am Solo or being engaged by an enemy that has not seen me yet.
  16. Playing "Knock'em dead" in Quick mission mode and find that the statistics don't work correctly. Headshots are always correct. Beginning of the mission and I've scanned 4 hostiles without being seen and the in game statists say I've only scanned 2 or 3. At the beginning of the level, before I've even been seen, the in game statistics say that I've been ingaged in combat. I've completed the mission many times. Get two headshots with one bullet and the stats say I've only made one hit on enemy. Completed the level to perfection, all headshots etc and really looking forward to seeing a huge score only to find that the stats are saying that I have had a retry. Also, the amount of fights doesn't add up most of the time either. I noticed all this trying to beat my highest score and update the leaderboard. My personal High Score for "Knock'em dead" is 22370 which gave me 20th place on the world leaderboard but I updated not realising what I was doing and updated to the lower score of 20848 (back down to 50 something). So fine tuning my gameplay I've tried to beat my previous best and save it to the leaderboards but, the statistics are corrupt. Anyone else noticed this bug? Will keep trying and will see what the deal is with other Quick missions in SP.
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