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  1. hi when i create a map and iv exported i go in and play the map i notice that it is really dark.

    adding street lights does not help and in most areas i can't even see the ground i have no idea why.

    also i noticed that the match does not last very long at all even though iv set it to 90 minutes any ideas why???

    these maps are all for ogr.

    thank you in advance to anyone who replies :)

  2. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this script.

    its supposed to activate a area and then the enemy that is placed just up from the area but nothing happens the game starts and runs the map but no enemies show up when i run through the area???

    and its just me that is playing this on LAN.

    area name is :area1

    enemy id is:temp_wave

    please help!!

    the script follows:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


    <!-- World -->

    <load_scene file="/data/levels/custom_levels/my_level/my_level.diesel" use_lightset="true" materials="/data/levels/custom_levels/my_level/materials.xml">

    <object name="world_bb" hidden="true"/>

    <object name="room01" hidden="true"/>

    <object name="Plane01" hidden="true"/>

    <global_ambient color="60 60 40"/>


    <load_scene file="/data/objects/lens/normal_lens.diesel">

    <object name="normal_lens" hidden="true"/>


    <load_scene file="/data/objects/lens/zoom_lens.diesel">

    <object name="zoom_lens" hidden="true"/>



    <xi:include href="/data/levels/common/common.xml#xpointer(/common/*)"/>

    <area_group name="area1" area_name="area1" group="mp_players" interval="0.3" condition="1"/>

    -<user name="user" type="once">

    <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area1"/>

    <event name="activate_temp"/>


    <event name="start_game">

    <element type="UnitInArea" area=" area1" state="activtate" start_time="3"/>

    <event name="activate_temp">

    <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="temp_wave" start_time="2"/>

    <element type="UnitInArea" area="area1" state="deactivate" start_time="3"/>


    <player name="player1" mod_name="OnFoot">

    <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player1"/>


    <player name="player2" mod_name="OnFoot">

    <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player2"/>


    <player name="player3" mod_name="OnFoot">

    <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player3"/>


    <player name="player4" mod_name="OnFoot">

    <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player4"/>


    <gametype_info name="enemies_to_kill" value="65"/>


    <!--<xi:include href="/data/levels/merge_xml/common_spawn.xml#xpointer(/to_include/spawn/*)"/> -->




    id be grateful for any help thank you in advance.

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