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  1. ike.log says- GhostRecon caused an Access Violation in module wined3d.dll at 001b:4366bb80 I'm using the ApexMods wrapper for OS 10.13.6 This issue occurs 40-50% after ending games. Tested on two different graphics cards and different monitors.
  2. ApexMods- Could you attach an editable spreadsheet file of the Heroes Unleashed Weapons.pdf from the xtras folder? I would very much like to do some sorting, filtering and highlighting of the different weapons. Any format would be okay. Please and thank you! Eric
  3. Having trouble with the latest wrapper from May 15. OS 10.12.6 I an existing setup inside the old wrapper with mods and my own custom kits etc. When I run the new wrapper, it prompts for existing Ghost Recon. I point it to my existing folder in .../Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment/Ghost Recon Next the wrapper prompts to Move or Copy. If I choose Copy I get this error- Error: 1 rm: /private/var/folders/yl/90zyfwz51vbdxyg93s8ym9q80000gn/T/AppTranslocation/DFF1AF07-EAFD-4335-A84E-38288C115225/d/Ghost Recon.app/Ghost Recon.app/Contents/Resources/drive_c/Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment//Ghost Recon/: Read-only file system In: _install_gr_gamefolder I am still able to run the game by launching the Ghost Recon.app inside the Ghost Recon.app package. BUT I really liked the built-in menu actions you put into your wrapper. Those were really helpful.
  4. Hi, We're having a whole lot of fun playing co-op CENTCOM missions over LAN. One mission has us perplexed. The 03_dingo's_lair mission has an objective- Destroy AA sites and rescue pilot. We just can't find the pilot. We've looked everywhere. Do you remember where he is? Thank you 1000x. Conway & Knotts
  5. With CENTCOM loaded at highest priority, it hides the enemy (dead and alive) on the command map. If I load another mod on top of it, like Heroes Unleashed or HK Assault, the tangos appear, BUT, it also causes some severe lag and delays to the game play. Do I need to crack the mission open with Igor to change this, or is there a config file that can be changed in a text editor? thx, Eric
  6. I found a reticle file in Frostbite /Shell/Art. I replaced it with the nice little one from Heroes Unleashed mod and it's working great. I'm now able to hunt down every enemy ai in each mission. It was kinda scary fun to play without that crutch though. Maybe someday I'll muster the courage to switch it off.
  7. Just started this mod. The only 2 other mods active are Desert and Island expansions. Frostbite is active at the bottom position of mods. While playing multiplayer mission co-op, no LAN players including host get any yellow or red for enemy threat. IFF is turned on as is the reticle itself which does appear. We do see the red pimples on the minimap occasionally. Did the Frostbite mod switch this off? Is there an editable config file that I can re-enable it, cuz, um none of us on the team are all that good. Yes, it's a crutch.
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