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  1. decent marketing ploy. sort of like COD black ops where the intel items reveal sections of redacted documents to give a back story to the campaign, i'm sure this is sort of the same thing. only, because it's not COD, it's automatically better.
  2. where's tan and green? you know, with spray paint and sponges, like most people do downrange? (some people do paint their weapons in ACU or wrap them with some kind of camo tape)
  3. And when in doubt, shotguns also fire slugs.
  4. You can set all that. It's been a few years since I've made hostage rescue missions, so I don't remember HOW it can be done, only that it CAN be done.
  5. Thanks, Mr. Splash. Them code breakers were good. Too good...but they didn't have Code Talkers!
  6. correct, and get rid of the M16 and the PASGT helmets. use FAST and gunfighter and MICH helmets, oakleys, shooter hats, modified uniforms, etc. since GR/GRAW takes place with the 2008-2013 window, if they make an HD remake, they need to look at the gear the guys are using NOW and be like OH CRAPSTICK. that means weapons are changed: Mk 18, M4A1, HK416, XM320, M203, Mk46, Mk48, M1911A1, M9A1, M11, M240, M24 in .300 win-mag... and what else should it include? ballistic effects and a destructible environment. and, actually, let the player customize the uniform. ACU, 3/6 color deserts, multicam, 5.11s, woodland, black/grey fleece plate carriers instead of IBA, AN/PVS-14 NVGs instead of the AN/PVS-7D. IT'S LE BRILLIANT!
  7. ...or that. differentiating levels. sorry, i haven't played in forever. but you can see it in the farm house one, where you rescue the pilots. you go upstairs and it says 2 and only shows the floor plan for the second storey, or you stay on the ground and it says 1. completely dropped the ball on that. however, IPB (intelligence prep of the battlefield) is still important and should be conducted for each mission.
  8. Want to know a secret? While there are common hand signals, a lot of them depend on your unit. Oh, and hooray airsoft!
  9. IRL, we number our targets. All it was, was telling you "place demo here and here." I could go on for days about maps and overlays and IPB, but that would be violating the terms of my soon-to-expire-because-I'm-out security clearance. And yes, I just used MLA formatting to quote you. You're welcome.
  10. Yeah I'm glad they fixed the sight issues in later versions.
  11. Is the mod for these maps and the bullet drop available for download?
  12. I'm pretty sure that on docks I've clambered up onto the antenna platform once or twice. I could be misremembering, it's been a few years.
  13. I'm at work so I can't watch it with volume. If there's some kind of easter egg, PM it to me so I can look for it at home.
  14. Looks sweet. I went to the expo a couple weeks ago, THEY WERE GIVING OUT CODES FOR FREE HARDENED EDITIONS. So I transferred my pre-order of regular COD3 to GRFS (360) and ended up getting some spiffy deal out of it. which was the same spiffy deal all pre-orders have thus far gotten.
  15. If you already understand the basic concepts of fire and maneuver, they turn you into a better GR player. If you're running and gunning like a Call of Duty kid, well, that's great, but try that in real life and see how many "hitpoints" you have. What OGR does let you do is get an appreciation for why we fight as we do, with bounding, overwatch, flanking, etc. So if you're Joe Average, don't take your playing of a game to mean you're a warfighter. If you are a warfighter, playing this game basically becomes no different from playing chess. Run through the battle, and see how you did. Do better next time. At best, it's like a flight simulator game for a pilot, not going to replicate everything but going to give a low-budget version of combat. You aren't going to have the stress, the enemy actions are by and large scripted, and the other key factor: weapons malfunction, mostly when you need them to work at their best, if you aren't maintaining them properly. Hope this answers your question.
  16. Years ago I used Igor to make a character with a bandana instead of a boonie hat and even helmet.
  17. other questions then, can it be used as an NPC that observes the battle field for you? can it shoot in and of itself? RSE definitely should have put that in there, if not.
  18. can you be a little more specific as to which map it is? maybe post a screenshot of the map?
  19. do you mean the one with the plane wreckage and the sand storm? your idea is probably the third greatest one ever.
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