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  1. Any idea about the cause or how to solve it? The original frog-IED version has this error, too.
  2. (Not sure if I should kick this old thread up) Anyone encountering a "ind_tunnel_segment_road" error like me?
  3. I've canceled the mail notification of beta-testing subforum. What's up. Why. My games allllllllways work well.
  4. Bug: Some of the AI's are spawned inside buildings, within grid B2/B3. Not sure if it can be reproduced, but strongly suggest moving the spawn points.
  5. Then I had to say thay your (mission) mod isn't even as friendly as GRAW2 itself. Mod makers should keep compatibility in mind, or at least I'd prefer to believe in so. Candy, If you dont like the game and the efforts our fantastic modders put into this game go play dominoes instead and stop slagging off the people that keep it alive because its not funny. Thank you. I won't be pointing out what's going prevent other people from enjoying this game if I don't like it in the first place.
  6. Youtube as I thought... It's GFW'ed within PRC mainland; the heck w/ it.
  7. It's also impossible for the majority to have PCs with hardware similar to yours or hers.
  8. Then I had to say thay your (mission) mod isn't even as friendly as GRAW2 itself. Mod makers should keep compatibility in mind, or at least I'd prefer to believe in so.
  9. Well, as this is GRAW2, it's just abnormal for custom missions to have no bugs, I'd rather say. For AI teammates, failing to find a proper way to designated area is much too common, for instance.
  10. Actually I had been turned down the exactly same way as you are now. For a small hint, if you're going to try that strongpoint mission, you'd better take a ZEUS or RPG with you, or you'll have to sneak past it.
  11. I think part of Eric's point was that he wanted less enemies. I don't like the massive 200-plus enemy stuff either. Yeah. So what I really meant was that his demand of less enemies seemed not to be easily met. P.s., as we talk, JohnTC02's new map Fort Strike successfully contributed to Mitchell's body-count by another 170+. (Since a bug interrupted my gameplay progress, I was only able to finish one objective.)
  12. Strongly suggest removing the glass-breaking ambient SFX. It may bring up one's heart attack. Bug: the nasty "eventmamager.dsf" crashed my gameplay twice. It happened when I blow up those (floor 2) barrel of supplies (supply A?) in that "fort". Also, please consider modifying the trigger of that panhard located at the "fort"'s entrance (near the transmitter sub-objective, if there're other(s)), which I think is fired much too late. My character was left with nowhere to hide when he came along the northmost path (in particular, staying on the right-hand side all the way from the beginning structure) and approached the lifting gate.
  13. I only want to tell you that mission makers in this forum tend to put LOTS of enemies onto the map. Expect 240+, for instance.
  14. Seems those two trees near the insertion point have some small errors. They behave like scenery paper - I mean, invisible when looked from IP. No other bug found yet.
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