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  1. You can customize the reticules but u can't create new models and textures
  2. People say that Dagrm48 contains stolen stuff. I don't get that as I know he had permission of all the stuff in 4.8 just that he didn't tell that he was giveing the weapons unrealsitic aim, so what people like that it's the most popular mod after the expansions.
  3. Now I have Fear of the dark :rocky::rocky::rocky:
  4. I think Band of Brothers was better then BiA
  5. How do I set the path so install maker automatly find where u have installed GR?
  6. DAGRM stands for Dark Angel Ghost Recon Mod NOT Dark Angel gunslingers realism mod but the gunslinger mod is in DAGRM
  7. the .mis files don't have to be missions it can be multiplayer maps to dunno.
  8. Is it possible to kill guys through a door? And does richochets exict in this game?
  9. If u want to change the direction he looks u an hold down SHIFT and click to that direction
  10. I can only use midi files on the site send a better file to me if u have one.
  11. DWilliams can I add your "Slash and Burn" mission to the mod I wont anything in the script?
  12. Got another music now hope u hate it more then the last one
  13. If u like PoKéMon u can always visit http://www.pokemon.com
  14. In normal GR is the Embassy most popular In DS is Ghost Town and Train Depot the most popular In IT is Polling Center and Beach are the most popular maps
  15. thanks for your support but this topic wasn't about the music
  16. I'm going to create a completation mod of server sided mods it haven't got a name yet but u can send a name to me. I need help with the mod specially with gametypes and missions if you have anything you can send it to me <deleted by admin at request> so I can check on it and see if it's any intresting thanks PS please visit my site http://www.phmods.tk :D
  17. My mod maybe if u just want multiplayer FFA maps otherwise I going to create a larger one with tons of server sided stuff with gametypes, missions, kitfixes and FFA maps
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