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  1. You mean the community mod? Stalker Zero working on it but he had many personal problems:'( so he haven't work with it so much for a while but it's still happen things read more here http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...t=ST&f=16&t=470
  2. I'm working on a server sided only sniper mod (I overwrite the only pistols restrictions and change the pistol kits and make them to sniper) Are the kit icons server sided or not? I dont make new I just overwrite the pistol icon and put over old (original) sniper icons. anyone know? thanks
  3. thanks anyway ur a great modder!
  4. I dont understand what u mean but there are many great versions of siege like HX siege u get no weapon if a defender spawnkill and if u teamkill
  5. Just one thing why dont download the server sided mappack harntrox games 1.4 it's great!
  6. dammit no one ever understand me I'm not makeing a gametype just a multiplayer free for all map! And I know how to create a team mission to a map import an al but that's not what I wanna do! Ur probably right I just leave as it is and cross my thumps that they wont go wrong!
  7. If just trying to make a .mis file which should work for every gametype! (no scripting) If I put a humwee on the map ot wont be there in team and solo and that's the idea with the map! And I dont wanna do it in the script then it only work for one gametype in multiplayer! thanks
  8. but it's for every gametype so I cant do it in the script!
  9. hey guys here's my problem I'm doing a server sided multiplayer map, it's a version of red square that I customized so ur fighting on the streets My problem is that I wanna make somekind of stop so people that haven't play the map dont walk to the red square. I tried to put a machin-gun in the way but they can just go through it! Is there anyway I can create something so the people cant get through and without scripting anything?
  10. If u overwrite an old name only you can see them the new way! the others will see like an it was before "oldman_refugee_1.atr"
  11. U can download it from www.geocities.com/ubighosts check for a more gore patch
  12. lol I think he mean the gametype command&conquer! It works like every team have a base the goal is to capture all the other teams bases then u win. It's like siege with every team defending and attacking!
  13. Snipe I'm releasing a mod where Assassination is in but one of the gametypes doesn't work so it may take some time before I'm finished
  14. Why isn't a article wrote about it yet? Is it because u wanna wait untill there website is online? And when are they setting it online again?
  15. Harntrox I hope u fix the kits better this time so when u have no explosives peeps cant use explosives. /thanks for the great mods
  16. http://www.fileplanet.com/section.aspx?s=92103&v=0
  17. I'm ready to donate some of my stuff and help u with the kit restrictions if u want.
  18. hey guys I'm working again this time it will contain the popular assassination and seek&destroy gametypes. I'm gonna add some trr maps so i wanna know what maps I should add. I though of: Embassy Polling center Ghost Town Tank Refinery Beach Resort Do u have any other u think would be great in it?
  19. I download somekind of beta named "Red Sun alpha 2" but It isn't for download anymore. (bad for u guys ) just 3 new maps if I remember right
  20. just want to tell u that it is a very old version of the mod http://www.geocities.com/majorplaying u can find the newest one
  21. Yea but then u have to remove the write protection.
  22. the modheads guys still haveing it on the site and tell us to jump from a bridge what a idiots
  23. Many guys uses full screen NV but I think that's a kind of cheat. What do u guys think? Another topic about it http://www.modheads.net/modules.php?name=F...=viewtopic&t=73
  24. Does the Desert Siege Actor patch contains in the 1.3 or the 1.4 updat anyone know?
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