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  1. Maybe and idea is to put this in the right forum and that question was newly asked over there!
  2. ok i did a test. kit restritions aren't server sided! If overwrite them only u have the change (playersided) The thing I think u mean wolfsong and what Stalker is after is that .kit files are server sided he could edit every mm1 kit so they cant be used!
  3. sorry wolfsong they're not! if u change them I'm pretty sure that it wont be server sided. If u create new ones everyone without them get kicked from the server!
  4. From my ideas did x69rzx script a gametype called Conquest it works like domination but if u own every base u automatically win the game. U can get it on my website http://www.phmods.tk The only thing that would be cool is some sounds effect when u seize a base and maybe new scoring system pls leave ideas here...
  5. wasn't the stuff suppose for project X?
  6. I think the easiest one is Teamspeak the best is probably Ventrilo or gamevoice!
  7. I'm to lazy to find this out myself. If u shoot on a sensors or claymore do they stop work then?
  8. There is a map in Tacticalgamers 2.0 that's a long beach check if that's what you are looking for!
  9. How do i change which guy I observ if I die or have observer mode when we play solo? Is that possible?
  10. just a thought Can I host with ZA with no problem or do I have to give the acces everytime someone join the game?
  11. [Moderator Edit: - Breach of forum rule 3.7]
  12. Hi Do u want to recolor the texture on the ground or just the weather like putting a night sky and night weather? If the first thing click here
  13. Can u tell us a lil more bout the gametypes?
  14. Come'on everybody it's a hamsterdance what about the heaven change colour?
  15. First: U find out which .kit files which got gl Secound: U edit them and give the kits with gl more ammo or 6 normal nades Note: U will still se the same kit icons it will look like u have gl but in the botton u will see the name of the thing u have made it too.
  16. No there's a fix on my website for that www.phmods.tk check under downloads, misc
  17. hehe I dont really like sensors either but with few players it's pretty good with them. I think it's good as it is with restriction!
  18. Why would a new sound be needed? I would dl it and use it if someone made it.
  19. oops I'm the dumb one I though with ss u meant server sided but u must meant screenshot It's just a screenshot from behind but he layd down near a wall
  20. yea best screenshot I ever made! for u that are blind, blond or lazy I post this again www.freewebs.com/phmods/screenshotgrm.jpg a gr screenshot in 1 person view
  21. what a heck is FPWV? My friend DRx also do enviroment he does it in every version he can think of, I think that great but I like u do san prefer the original versions. My stuff is more about makeing the weather on the rainy and foggy maps and make them a lil less foggy not as much so u need night vision but so the look good. Makeing the best night maps to early day and makeing new zones for the popular maps, mbc, polling and moscow that pretty cool! I also have a 60 enemies (on veteran not sure how many on elite) firefight gametype, the newest version of assassination and a version of command & conquer that BPR_Blahb made thanks for ur respon
  22. 50 vievs no respons btw this screenshot u just must c www.freewebs.com/phmods/screenshotgrm.jpg
  23. Yippie hopefully I'm not the only one who's glad of it This times it's even better than the last version. In the last version some guys complained over that the No Fog maps I made didn't work because everything they saw was white, in this version that fixed they aren't in it anymore I putted map with clear weather but still with lil fog some it works for everyone. I've gotten permission from Major.Player to add the newest version of his Assassination gametype and that's great 2. pls read more about it on my website I've posted Rocky about it so hopefully he soon make an article of it. DL it and try it pls respons in my forums or here My website http://www.phmods.tk
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