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  1. It's isn't always easy to get players to join a game on ubi they probably choose a lower ping game with more player Have you updated gr to 1.4 yet? otherwise do it here It works for any language version of gr!
  2. see topic i found the file in GR\Mods\Origmiss\Mission folder
  3. Your point make sense in a way. But the fact of the matter is that it is a mission file with the file extension=.mis, .mis referrring to mission. A mission file with scripted triggers and responses or even simply spawn zones is in no way a map. Thats what I was arguing. The reason, you might ask, because this guy doesnt know what a mission is, he doesnt know what a map is and hes claiming that Bludawg took an empty mission file that originally contained only spawn zones, moved the spawn zones and called it his own. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. These TRR mission files contain nothing but zones. There are no new zones added or subtracted from the standard 36 spawns points, 4 team bases, team respawns, central area, mission insertion/extraction etc. How can you say that someone took a file like this and moved the zones around and its theft? Can only one person ever move the stock zones around in a mission file and everyone else who does so thereafter is stealing his work? This is just plain stupid. The guy who started this topic obviously has no clue as to what a mission file is, how to move a zone in a mission file, or how to mod this game period. So if I now take these same TRR mission files and move the zones, what's the difference between that and taking the stock mission file and moving the zones? Its nothing but spawn zones. Now if I didnt move the zones, it could obviously be considered a copy. Anyone who's ever even looked at a mission file in IGOR can see how stupid this is. Lets just give it a rest, there's really nothing to argue about. I totally agree with you!
  4. But to call a .mis file without script a mission isn't perfect either we should find a new word about edited .mis files
  5. Reply to sleeper: Why get upset and make a stupid reply to my post because they call it map? EDIT: What I meant with it was a stupid reply is that it has been said before so many times!
  6. A .mis isn't always a mission it don't have to contain a script many guys call a map just the changed enviroment or changed zones with new name! I don't understand TRR is just removed team spawn points so if they changed the solo spawn points they probably made it form the original maps and if they used same spawns as u on one .mis is that so big deal or did they take ur env's? ANd tell me somthing what special with ur maps except of new solo points?
  7. aaa thx but what tags should i use one named opposing force and one name central base?
  8. I'm working on a few gametypes (.gtf) and I want a few AI's to guard the central base. Somewhere i added what company it was and that they spawned 10 meters from the central base but then the Tags (and some others things) screwed up. Can anyone help me?
  9. But what happen if i dont use the red team? Is one of the team going to base 0 automatically then?
  10. I working on a siege gametype and I want that the red team/Base 0 to always be the defender. How do I do that? One idea i have in mind is to just remove the "Loop for Base 1, Loop for Base 2, Loop for Base 3" and leave the Loop for Base 0 left is that correct?
  11. pH that's me Me and preacher aren't the same person! My newest mappack called pH server sided 4.0 or just pH 4.0
  12. When I removed "requires unlocking" in IGOR it didn't work so I opened the .mis files in wordpad and removed <RequiresUnlocking>1</RequiresUnlocking>
  13. Thx ur the man The reason i didn't mention that was because u first have to mark the supported modes to change "requires unlocking"! thx again
  14. *Do the damp damp damp* You don't understand me don't you? Maybe I putted the thread in wrong forum it has nothing do do with mission scripting just .mis files without scripts!
  15. 100 % sure? EDIT: I opened the atr files in igor and found out that it is included in 1.3 or 1.4!
  16. I dont understand how u can think they are gtf type? It's .mis files I can find them in Mp for every gametype but not in sp!
  17. The maps are made for every gametype but it's not a script on the .mis files The maps works for all gametypes (except of mission) in multiplayer but just a few of them in singleplayer
  18. There are no mission on the .mis files just zones and stuff so they work for every gametype but not mission. The problem is that some maps doesn't show upp in quick mission for the sp gametypes
  19. I'm having a strange problem i made some server sided "maps" (.mis files) they work in Multiplayer coop mode but I can't find them in quick mission for firefight, recon and defend. How can i make them vicible in quick mission?
  20. Just a lil add there are 2 expansions
  21. aaaaaaa I just made my pants in happieness gm = good mod or probably god mod. hopefully not god mode
  22. Go to your Ghost recon folder and remove and remove the file ban.txt or open the file and remove the lan ip adress in that file!
  23. Roger Wilco s still free but the newest version of it is not so get an older one.
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