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  1. Hi all

    I've recently got my pc back from repairation so the pc was freshrestored. Now i would like to know how you have putted your files on your harddrive(s) and what way is the best one to put it. Sorry for the bad explanation but here's how i had mine before it got sended in.

    [C:\] Windows, InstalledPrograms, InstalledGames

    [D:\] Downloads (Files newly downloaded some of them beeing removed and some of them beeing moved to archives ), Archives (Files rarely used but saved anyway like gamepatches, demos and mods)

    Both C and D are 250 gb each.Do you have diffrent drives/partions for games and programs or something else please tell me :)

    What is optimal?

    Thanks and sorry for the bad english.

  2. Yes I think it is one (Mo1 Caves night version) in the Total Reversal Mod look under retextured levels in the downloads section. BTW Total reversal is made by the same person as the Night to Day Mods.

    Anyway does anyone know what Firestar is doing now?

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