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  1. Thanks for the replies guys but how do you recommend me to put my files without doing any partitions?
  2. Hi all I've recently got my pc back from repairation so the pc was freshrestored. Now i would like to know how you have putted your files on your harddrive(s) and what way is the best one to put it. Sorry for the bad explanation but here's how i had mine before it got sended in. [C:\] Windows, InstalledPrograms, InstalledGames [D:\] Downloads (Files newly downloaded some of them beeing removed and some of them beeing moved to archives ), Archives (Files rarely used but saved anyway like gamepatches, demos and mods) Both C and D are 250 gb each.Do you have diffrent drives/partions for games and programs or something else please tell me What is optimal? Thanks and sorry for the bad english.
  3. this made my game work http://forums.vugames.com/thread.jspa?thre...63&tstart=0
  4. Released http://www.fileplanet.com/156321/150000/fi...urce%5D-v1.32b-
  5. probably a lot of people join the rooms on ubi throught ip to save memory and bandwidth
  6. Just wanted to say that I think the Tag mods is kinda "stolen" check them out on www.xtremeagles.net or www.grmodz.uni.cc
  7. Don't forget HX5 yea and Operation Dark Star is great for coop checkout www.blakops.net
  8. It should be possible,after all the game supports 3 person spectartor view BUT:Then you need to ilegal change the exe and when your spectaing third person you see through walls ands tuff
  9. How many teams does the console version support? Is it 4 teams like in good old pc gr or less? I'm asking becuase I'm interested how the Domination/Supremacy gametype works, can anyone tell me that to.
  10. now downloading... update later EDIT: Best gr movie I've seen, to bad the credit was to long.
  11. pH.

    VIP maps

    /me only found mac files for that mod on their website
  12. same did I have to do to get the mission Long Walk to work
  13. The glitches is the reason why I'm not complaining that the console version came before the pc. Nothing is more annoying then new patches every week.
  14. Nope thinking about you I'm a friend of some of the nino clan guys so I know the diffrence!
  15. He was Administrator here and had the name El-nino, I haven't seen him around lately what is he doing now?
  16. If your looking for: missions: 12 weeks (can be found here) gametypes: MP final (www.geocities.com/majorplaying) new weather and spawnpoint: FNG Maps 5.0 (can be found here or on ghostaholic or on www.fng-clan.com)
  17. Does GR2 supports 4 teams or just 2? Thought that it would need more than 2 for get domination to work well, otherwise they maybe made special domination zones!
  18. C'mon people don't you wanna play something new? Server Status @ http://www.phmods.tk
  19. I've got GF2 MX 400 but doesn't have more than 24 mbit z-buffer!
  20. Yes I think it is one (Mo1 Caves night version) in the Total Reversal Mod look under retextured levels in the downloads section. BTW Total reversal is made by the same person as the Night to Day Mods. Anyway does anyone know what Firestar is doing now?
  21. Impressive that he's stile alive where is Astra Galinsky when we need her j/k
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