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    ..:: Finished Projects ::..<br /><br />* GRT1 Mod v3<br />* GRWK<br />* Guatemala Mod<br />* Unreal Recon<br />* Stargate SG1 <br />------------------------------------------------------------<br />Working now for fun on High poly models, from cars, motorcycles etc etc.<br />Just trying to get my skills upwards.<br />------------------------------------------------------------<br />Using following programs:<br />* 3dsm6.1<br />* Brazil r/s<br />* Photoshop CS<br />------------------------------------------------------------

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  1. Geez, and they should save the Queen? Muahahahahahahahahaha Great Video
  2. hmm, dunno, but everytime i come to the same score, sems to be the distance to get. kp
  3. futher isnt possible ill think, 6 times in a row, all the same distance kp
  4. Chris Rea - Driving home for Christmas. kp
  5. ^got more banners, buttons and sigs in his posts, then txt that he actualy writes down ^ lol, Kp
  6. ***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***** Snowfella, wishing you all the best for today, have a nice one there kp
  7. thnx to al for the feedback given, .. kp
  8. @ Firefly2442 Took exactly 9min. 58sec to render completly kp
  9. Well, max 6 has got some features u wont find in max5.1, the only but to it, you can use it for modding stuff for GR, cuz plugins wont work anymore. Brazil has alot more options then the build in rendersystem. First of all, its a lot of work to find the right settings, but thats the same as with max. all I can say is, I WILL NEVER use the build in render again. Since I got brazil..... But its everybody's choice of course, so consider buying brazil, when you only want to make mods, then you dont need it. When you want to go and make models like the 1 above, then brazil is the 1 to have
  10. used programs: * 3dsm6.1 * Brazil r/s * Photoshop CS ill know some little errors are on the model, but its ok though kp
  11. dont have it textured anymore, and since i dont use it anymore, i kept only this version kp
  12. here it is again, Silent, dont cry. In the currently state the M2 has got 16388 Polys kp
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