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  1. We made a helmet: But when we export him in game, we see this: Why small details aren't displayed?
  2. "Красный шторма Ресторан" "red storm restaurant" "штормА" it's wrong) Right "шторм".
  3. Sorry, but this watermarks put automatically in my album for all images and photos)
  4. Wound textures is terrible))) Sorry) Why wounds hole so big?
  5. No, I haven't Steam, I dont use it a long period, and now I dont remember my accaunt) And I dont like it)
  6. Thank you for links, but we have it all. But in tutorial down below said about GR Character Plugin. So we can`t find it. http://web.archive.org/web/20030409000124/http://www.piggyson.com/gr/index.html
  7. The problem is to attach our man model to GR Bones. We can`t do this because we havn`t needed GR plugins for Max.
  8. mmm...there is only map plugin, but not character plugin...
  9. Hi, I need help. I can`t find "Ghost Recon Character Plugins" for 3Ds Max anywhere. May be somebody have one?)
  10. Can you write me what pattern and uniform you need? And give examples of necessary photos.
  11. I'm from Russia. And we can make hi res photos of russian uniform, if needed. For retexturing russian troops.
  12. Original russians look is more realistic. Don't change pattern of camo. And road in mission 3:
  13. No, it is reconstruction))
  14. We playing, but if you want to play with us, you should download our gamepack with our mods) IP: spa39.dyndns.org
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