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  1. m09 swamp. Problems with water when I shoot it. Effect as the wall. And a lot of problems with large buildings in the city maps.
  2. Zeealeks I wanted to ask) Will be you replaced textures of grenade explosion, in the future?
  3. No)))) I'm not asking about that))) Hmmm ... How best to attach the model of armor to a model of human. In the 3D Max make a single ready-made model, or add armor in atr file by attachmens, in "MidSpineAttachment" for example)
  4. Next question. How to strengthen the body armor? Strengthen in max or using attachments in the game?
  5. Thank you very much for the great idea pz3 I spent all day today, but got a very realistic result.
  6. We still need to do a lot of models) So I'm almost afraid to say when we will be free)
  7. Download link: http://files.mail.ru/4AXIES pz3, can you test model in game?
  8. So) All is simple Option "Edge Padding" is set to maximum. And I had almost reached the desired result
  9. The problem occurs during the creation sweep texture.
  10. The following trouble... But in game... When the distance increases, the black lines appear... What's the problem?
  11. I don't know how, but I did it))) Thank you all) Now we can make a quality model)
  12. The helmet is a separate model in qob. Mic mount is different because we tried different variations in a row.
  13. "Скорая помощь" - This is civil name. "Госпиталь" - This is the correct military name.
  14. No))) Trust me) Then so: РЕСТОРАН красного шторма But this more correct: ресторан КРАСНЫЙ ШТОРМ
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