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  1. I can't find the animation of climbing up... What is the name she can be?
  2. Yes, that looks better in the game)
  3. Spetsnaz vs Spetsnaz?))) No fighting, competition only with training weapon) Videos:
  4. Hmmm ... So what on what to change?)) "088_tum_w3.bmf" change on what?
  5. When you find it, write the name of the animation here)
  6. Is from Beslan tragedy. http://en.wikipedia...._hostage_crisis
  7. Not quite... This is from thermobaric granade (photos of dead bodies) Graphic content removed. Sometimes feet and arms separates completely. But in game not be able to implement it. And do not need this violence.
  8. I tried to run 9 helmets. Operating normally. In the future I will do actors. And 3 LODs for them. This help optimize the game, I hope. And what distance of LOD2 and LOD3 works?
  9. Helmet with visor is 3342 polys. And my real helmet for example:
  10. Well, if anyone is interested, keep doing the models)
  11. I've never understood the woman's point of view... Sorry
  12. Perhaps windows aren't 'transparent'... perhaps too monotonous texture... I do not know, you should try and look at the end result. 1 Do not be nervous))) I do not write that what you are doing poorly and badly. I am writing you have to work even if you want to do really well. It is a pity that you do not understand. 2 I wrote about Moscow. 3 People were evacuated, but the house looks as if it had never lived. 4 Ok) "if you are on about the sharpness, i am not going to explain the reason why that is for the third time, i will just ignore you, because frankly it's getting tedious." About what that?) I do not understand, write on a plain language.
  13. It looks uninhabited And in Russia built this plan almost never occur) For example here are the texture I like (Just need to correct material from wood to stone for bullet holes): Well, there are many problems:
  14. I do not know how to explain, but I'll try .. You know the concept of "feel and touch"? So in the original it is. But it is not in new textures. They could be better, more beautiful .. but no feeling of life in them. I hope that you will understand.
  15. Yes, but with new textures cities look very poor on detail. And unrealistic. In my opinion.
  16. Looked. And I think that in general it is not necessary to change the texture of large buildings. Original textures look better.
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