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  1. In my opinion one of the most interesting game type is Bot Hunt. AI behaves are very clever in this game type.
  2. I'm sure it will bring to the end) But now I spent a lot of time on the real shooting and training. And for creativity left too little time) And because of this, work proceeding very slowly.
  3. Zeelex, tell me, in the game there are restrictions on the textures size? Because I do not know what to do with buildings, they have terrible 3d modeling and texturing))
  4. So.... Red Square... I think the developers really didn't like the citys. They are so bad in the game, so bad ... I tried as best I could. (At this moment, only ground textures are replaced.)
  5. Who wants, can see how it all looks in the game. Changed: bullet holes And in M03: Main road, rocks, ground, back font forrest. Download link: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/CM6U/2uMPXSBXA
  6. I will try to bring to the end, but I not promise)I think the most important thing is the border of different textures. What would it look natural, they should be smooth. What I did on the rocks and road. And it just gave an interesting view of the game Zeealex, thank's, your job will help me) To TJbrena You're right about the macro and micro) About bullet holes, I am an instructor for combat shooting) We shoot a lot on different materials) And I tried to make in game the most similar to the real holes. This is metall for example: In game, as in life, the concrete does not penetrate. I think it is right. And wood) Or I misunderstood) Therefore, show photos of the holes that you believe to be correct. And I was able to fix the texture. Sorry for bad english)
  7. And so, the high-resolution texture is good. But when I looked Project Novo, I had a feeling of dissonance. Yes, it looks nice, but unrealistic. The original game will still look better. And I tried to make a texture, but without losing the spirit of the original game. Compare: Original Novo One evening of work What looks better? And more comparisons in the same sequence: Ground textures: Well, the bullet holes: It makes sense to work in this direction?
  8. And so I tried on different versions of the original game. Everywhere one and the same. View files that could be responsible for this, but did not find. Maybe it's hard-coded? And probably this is done for the stability of the network game?
  9. http://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/235645-post2.html "usage: read the memory to find the pointer -> store the base pointer address (using a codecave or whatever) -> read the memory to check the current accuracy values or write the memory to use your own accuracy values." I do not understand what it is. But perhaps it should help to find the source)
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