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  1. When I did Mods SkypeGhost was made like 6 or 7 years ago, you will understand that I don't that email, since I have changed 3 times my Mac and am lost the Ubisof email. But if I remember that I expressed as a game released to their discharge by a game of 2001. I do not think that this height is still selling. Also I was told regarding the Mods that I had to contact the creators in this case GRPA PUNiSHER which contact to ask for your permission to use some maps gave to which the OK with the condition that in the credits include the GRPA Mods and developers.<br /><br />Best regards

  2. Hello jtibbitt

    GR Mac does not run under system 10.7 and 10.8 with intel processors. Since the game is 2001 for processors PowerPC. If you have Mac the only way is to run it through Bootcamp and have GR on PC. There is another way to make it run with a program called Wineskin Winery inside the Mac but that's already something more complicated to explain, but if you search on YouTube you will find it.

    I remember when I did a SkypeGhost mods for the Chilean community, contact the Ubisoft and told me that the GR was already released to be downloaded free and without restrictions for use.


    Best regards

    Sorry for my English.

  3. The Mods from Mac as a PC are compatible, since I use Mac in the GR. The only difference are the mods installers either .exe and .dmg which in this case are not compatible.

    But if you try to transfer the full game not going to work since they use different system to run it, you can only transfer the Mods folder.


  4. It is true that South Americans have signed up and basically speak Spanish because they are those who have signed up for the League. But is not limited to non-Spanish, at least a Member speaking Spanish. Soon the site will be implemented also in English. The World League conquest has been organizing approximately since 2006, with a single implementation in its genre conquer territories style Rise of Nations. It organizes tournaments 2 years lasting approximately 2 to 3 months.

    Your page is: http://www.ghostrecon.cl/liga Greeting

  5. I use Mac and I have the Mods and I had no problem, clear that do not use it long ago. To check version to use. which I have is Centcom Mod v 1.0 and the folder should be called Centcom Mod.

    That check the unzipped folder if this on another folder that is not of the Centcom Mod.


  6. The Mods SkypeGhost was created by my in the year 2008, a compilation of the GRPA 4 Mods and DAMN BL Final Map. Which requested authorization from the authors PUNiSHER/Monoman/ROEM to make a Mods for the Ghost Recon Chile community and its tournaments to what have been several years organizing Championships annually to maintain existing Ghost Recon.

    This Mods SkypeGhost is free to use and has no restrictions for its use on other servers either national e international.

    The Original Ghost Recon brings 11 years of fans and hopefully it will be much more delighting.

    Best regards


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