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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could answer this question for me? I am NOT interested in hosting a GRAW2 server I just want to be able to play in other peoples Servers. Now I am getting a 56k Dial Up V.92 Modem, Will I still be able to play GRAW2 in Multiplayer? I looked up GRAW2 Minimum Requirements and I Found this.Network: High-speed modem with 128 Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a client, 512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game" but it says for a "Client" I am assuming that means Hosting a Server? So I'll get to the point. would I still be able to join other Servers with a 56K V.92 Connection? Someone Please Let Me Know As Soon As Possible!
  2. Well so far every single PC Version of GR has came with modding tools..
  3. Hello we are looking for new recruits to Join [sWAR] (Special Weapons & Advanced Recon) for GRAW2 and the Upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier. (See Details Below) Qualifications & Rules: 1) You Must have Atleast 5-6 Months of Playing GRAW2 Multiplayer Experience. 2) You Must Be Atleast 18 Years of age or close to 18 or Older to Join. 3) Mods to Improve Your Gaming Experience During Online Game Play are Not Permitted How Do I Apply For This Team?: You Can Post a Thread in this Forum here at http://swar.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=qualificationsrules&action=display&thread=39 State your Age,How long you have been playing GRAW2 & Approve the Rules listed above. Either Thunder,Xion,cybersidd will negotiate a Time,and Date to meet with you in the game. [sWAR]-XION's Email Is Sojonar_2004@hotmail.com
  4. Hello I see you are a Mod Maker.. I am actually setting up a group were modders will get together & co-operate and build the Old School Maps/Missions from GR,GR2,GRAW1,GRAW2 and implement them into GRFS when it comes out so in a way it will be all versions of GR into one format just with improved graphics and it would be interesting to see how the new AI will react to the environments. I was also thinking of making weapon mods from the all the old GR series. Are you interested in joining this group? If you are please E-mail me at Sojonar_2004@hotmail.com or add me to MSN Messenger if you have it at the same email address stated. Hope to talk to you soon.
  5. Hi, Its me =Xion= I posted a thread regarding making old Ghost Recon Maps for GRFS, Mind if I get your E-mail address? Like do you have MSN Messenger or anything? If you have MSN Messenger or if you want to contact me you can Add me or send me an email to Sojonar_2004@hotmail.com I look forward to hearing from you..
  6. I have questions regarding the Ghost Recon Online Beta & the GR pack Give away because it seems they don`t have this info on this site about it. Is the Ghost Recon Online beta Available in Canada or just the US and European Nation? If it is available in Canada I may be interested in applying for it which brings up another question. If I qualify for the Beta is it a Download or will it come in the mail? I have limited Internet Usage is why I am asking. and can I apply for the GR Pack give away? again I am asking is because I am Canadian If I can apply for the winning GR Pack Give away would I have to download it through my Steam Account or do they mail them to you? Someone Please Let Me Know As Soon As Possible.
  7. Hello All I Have A Proposal Below. If Ghost Recon Future Soldier comes out for the PC, I was thinking of getting a group of people together to make GR,GR2,GRAW1,GRAW2 Mission maps and Implement them into Future Soldier so in a way you have all Ghost Recon Versions Maps formatted into one game. So in other words you would have GR,GR2,GRAW1,GRAW2 Maps in GRFS just formatted into the new game. They should be available in Single Player and Multiplayer. Now I know the AI (Artificial Intelligence) will act differently, This may be true but I feel that the new AI would make the maps a little more challenging and interesting especially in Multiplayer. If you are interested in this proposal Please Contact Me Through the forum or E-mail me at Sojonar_2004@hotmail.com
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