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  1. Most interesting thread. I'd just like to clarify that GRO is indeed coming to the Wii U (that much I think was clarified) in addition to the PC. Killer Freaks is the new shooter IP for the Wii U. GRO on the Wii U is a brand new team working on the game in parallel to the PC development, which is already in beta. What remains unchanged: GRO on the Wii U is an online only multiplayer game, just like PC. The setting, and the events are also in the same time period as the PC version. What can be changed for the Wii U: We have more than a year to ship, so everything else! Seriously thoug
  2. I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that we had been developing the game on Wii U dev kit controllers, which are very different from the controllers they unveiled at E3. Since we hadn't actually seen the new ones before the announcement(super secrecy), the controls were not tuned to the new controller, and that may have led to the Kotaku journalist's discomfort. We are still a year away from shipping and still working on the controls and how they feel.
  3. The idea behing Future Soldier and GR:O both is the new iteration of Ghosts and their abilities. While there are some common things that Ghosts of both worlds have in common, there are a huge amount of abilities, intel sharing and Cross Com features that are completely different between FS and Wii U. Believe me, I'm the one making it.
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