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  1. Hey all, I am the Division Commander of the TAW GR division. I would just like to invite everyone to the TAW server. Now I know our reputation...and I am here to correct that. TAW IS A NO CHEATING CLAN. If you don't want believe me come play with us. I can say for a fact that no one in my command uses any cheats of any kind. We are here for fun, and there is no fun in cheating. So come and make up your mind for your self. We are always on but have nights and times that most of us are. TDM Wednesday 2100-2200 EST Saturday 2200-2300 EST Saturday 2100-2200 CET (14:00:00 EST) Tuesday 2100-2200 CET (14:00:00 EST) CO-OP Tues and Thurs. at 2200-2300 EST
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