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  1. I kind of like the weapon view. I use it all the time in RvS. However, I really don't mind GR's ret only view either. But if they did have a weapon view I'd probably use it. I'm a sucker for eye candy.
  2. I was talking to [RS]Blaze who went to E3 yesterday and the guy he was talking to said a lot features weren't in the demo they were showing. For instance, he said in the demo version at E3 that crouching wasn't included because they were rushing to get a demo ready. So I'm sure we will have the peeking, crouching, prone features in the final release. Don't see why they woulnd't.
  3. Also, Blaze said that the Xbox version will be very similar to the PC version. The xbox version will be ported to the PC according to the person he talked to.
  4. Sorry mods, posted this in wrong forums. Could you move it for me? Thanks!
  5. If any type of measure is put in, (like HBS) there should be some kind of counter measure as well... a'la the HBS Jammer etc... There was no 'sensor jammer' in GR. Thermal is hard to use in RvS, thats why it's not a big advantage. In GR, thermal would be a huge advantage though. I'd rather not see thermal in GR.
  6. I was kinda hoping they would come out with a NES version first. Give a me good reason to dust that baby off. It would rock too if they incorporated the: up,up,down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B,A, start cheat to...
  7. If they do it like AA did, I think that will be very cool IMHO. First person view is a must though, iron sights or not.
  8. Sorry bro. Our site moved slightly. Click here for updated link We had a major meltdown last week and had to redo our site. [Edit] You can still access it through http://rogue-saints.com You will also have to re-register. Sorry
  9. Your're right, no AI but still similar to what you described. Didn't know if you tried it or not. I forgot +SD is primarily co-op group, right?
  10. Have you ever tried Americas Army Smokin? What you described there is pretty similar to how AA is played.
  11. That is Emperor Ming the Merciless to you buddy!
  12. One thing I would like to see more of, but saw in the SSL and looks like we'll see in SR 2004 was: -Custom Maps -Not knowing what map the mission is on (or very little about it) -A dynamic element such as a small added objective as a result of some sort of reaction to the team completeing objectives that we would not know about ahead of time. An example would be SR 2003 mission #1 where the extraction zone changes at the last minute as an example and you have to fight your way back through the city. -As CQB fan, I wouldn't mind seeing some more urban types of maps used ( I know there aren't many stock urban maps though, but a custom one would work to. -It would be cool to see the need for a cooridnated attack on two different objectives simultanously. It would be really challenging trying to get two teams working in different areas of the map cooridinating an assault. -Time based objectives. For example, you have to get objective one complete with 20 minutes or a bomb goes off or something. -I also thought the thing that [bAD] did where we had to do our own recon of the mission was really good as well.
  13. You're more than welcome to swing by the [RS] server anytime. More often than not our guys are all about using teamwork and tactics. Occasionaly on open server (LMS) games we go 'Carnival Freak' as we like to call it, just for a change of pace. Normally were are about using FT tactics etc...
  14. Stop by the [RS] server anytime. Info is located in my sig.
  15. The M-60 is pretty accurate when used in small controlled bursts. I use it every once in a while. It also allows you to lay down some serious cover fire as well if needed. There is nothing like playing defend and setting up on a choke point with a 60 and laying waste to wave after wave of tangos oblivious to the impending death via my M-60. Plus, it sounds awesome too!
  16. Still looking to recruit a few more members.
  17. Stop in the [RS] server if you like. All are welcome. Oh, and welcome to the addiction we call Ghost Recon.
  18. We are still looking to fill our roster. Check us out at [RS] Website or stop by our server - We participate in ladder competition and co-op tournaments. We focus on teamwork, tactics and having fun while playing this great game. This public service announcemnt paid for by your friends at [RS]
  19. You are more than welcome to check out [RS] [RS] Website . You will find all the info you need about us and info on how to join if you are interested. We match on TCZ and also participate in Co-Op events. Also, feel free to stop by our server if you like. The IP is listed in my sig. Good luck on your search!
  20. Your 'other' thread in this forum got a few responses. You should probably check that one out.
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