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  1. Oops! didn't see that but I should have known, this thread should be binned then.
  2. More videos and info on the website Christian Allen has founded Serellean LLC, to set out to make a true tactical shooter that everyone's clamoring for in the last decade, since the dumbing down of Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six with their more cinematic flavor. He wants to prove real tactical shooters aren't dead. It's time for the fans of tactical shooters to now "pay up or shut up" (not his quote). He was Design Director, Design Lead, and Creative Director for several Ubisoft Red Storm games (Ghost Recon Island Thunder, Ghost Recon Jungle Storm, Ghost Recon 2, Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword, GRAW, and GRAW 2). Also Design Lead of Halo Reach.
  3. I'm trying to understand the way the damage modelling works in GR and I'm putting everything down on a spreadsheet. I've read Para's tutorial a thousand times over but some things really do not make sense to me: Okay now I understand the equations, but where does this damage chart come from? There's no context to it, and I don't understand what numbers you are supposed to be cross-referencing with it. He says "Use this in step 2 of the damage formula above" and I can see that he has done this: But where does that 90% come from? Or rather, where does the value of 1000 come from? According to his description; Now call me crazy, but 1 - (100/1000) is NOT .900! It's 0.1, am I losing my mind? Another problem I'm having is that I have copied the equations seen on IGOR meticulously for killcoefficient and velocity, but I'm actually seeing the kill energy increasing at range The final thing I wanted to ask is that while calculating velocity and damage seems to work out (apart from the increasing kill energy) I really do not understand how to turn those two values into a "final damage" value, something that will give you a definite chance to kill on a given body part. If I do what Para and Igor say, which is '1 - (hitpoints/killenergy)' I often (depending on range) get negative values! Any help would be appreciated
  4. Interestingly enough, it seems some of the dots that govern the <player> tag aren't in use; looking at offset 0x0001dcdc, I can overwrite the rows 04 05 and 06 without any change, and gr still works. Anything beyond that and it takes a dump. Will continue working on it though, there must be a way around it. I had a look at SC3, pretty nice how it turns off the singleplayer messages, I will take a look at how he did that...
  5. Hmm, seems we are stuck at the same point. As far as I can tell it is a series of dots in the res file which somehow reference player and enemy actor and it really doesn't like them being ovetwritten; even as you say maintaining file length. I do have that mod but the messages still show up. Do you have another mod that achieved it? Either way, its good news if somebody managed it!
  6. After a bit more searching I've realised that it's the strings.res file you need to edit to get rid of these strings. The problem is that I want to get rid of the mutliplayer kill strings which reference the player name, the string goes like this: <player name> has eliminated <enemy name> Using a hex editor I can get rid of the 'has eliminated' text by replacing it with spaces, but I can't seem to overwrite the <player/enemy name> without the game refusing to start. Any ideas on how to proceed would be appreciated
  7. Did a bit of searching and found no answers aside from covering the entire font file in an alpha channel. I was prepared to live with that until I realised it even affected the main menus! So, are these messages hardcoded or is there another way?
  8. Best thing to do is edit the ak47/rpk etc .gun files and make them much less accurate, here's an example from my private mod I've cobbled together (this is ak47.gun) <Recoil>132</Recoil> <RunStandAccuracy>1246</RunStandAccuracy> <RunCrouchAccuracy>1862</RunCrouchAccuracy> <RunProneAccuracy>2546</RunProneAccuracy> <WalkStandAccuracy>449</WalkStandAccuracy> <WalkCrouchAccuracy>707</WalkCrouchAccuracy> <WalkProneAccuracy>2546</WalkProneAccuracy> <ShuffleStandAccuracy>134</ShuffleStandAccuracy> <ShuffleCrouchAccuracy>240</ShuffleCrouchAccuracy> <ShuffleProneAccuracy>2546</ShuffleProneAccuracy> <StationaryStandAccuracy>62</StationaryStandAccuracy> <StationaryCrouchAccuracy>26</StationaryCrouchAccuracy> <StationaryProneAccuracy>10</StationaryProneAccuracy> <TurnBandVelocity1>0.61</TurnBandVelocity1> <TurnBandMultiplier1>2</TurnBandMultiplier1> <TurnBandVelocity2>1.22</TurnBandVelocity2> <TurnBandMultiplier2>4</TurnBandMultiplier2> <TurnBandVelocity3>2.44</TurnBandVelocity3> <TurnBandMultiplier3>8</TurnBandMultiplier3> <TurnBandVelocity4>4.88</TurnBandVelocity4> <TurnBandMultiplier4>16</TurnBandMultiplier4> <TurnBandVelocity5>100000</TurnBandVelocity5> <TurnBandMultiplier5>200</TurnBandMultiplier5> <StabilizationTime>0.31</StabilizationTime> If you tried to use this, you'd be shooting at the sky or shooting yourself in the foot every time, but I find it's a good balance for the AI - of particular importance from that file is the <projectilespread> line. I've added a 0.01 projectilespread to this particular file. Hope that helps
  9. Hey Apex, me and my friends have been playing your mod for a few months now and we absolutely love it! (especially with mission HX, keeps it different every time). I have to congratulate you for the amazing amount of work and effort you have put into this mod, and I was quite happily surprised to see that you were still working on it My buddy who I play with most of the time (2 player no AI backup!) is obsessed with the Shrike 20''; man he loves that thing, he would sleep with it under his pillow if he had one (it would have to be a rather big pillow I realise). He wanted me to make a modification for him but it's outwith my skillset, so I was wondering if I could ask a small favour for your next release: Now I know this isn't necessarily realistic, but would it be possible for you to mash together a masterkey mod for the 20''? Also a suppressed version would be excellent. Please, don't worry about modding the .gun files or anything, this is really just a personal request which others may find ridiculous, so if it was just a couple of .qob files stuck in the x-tras folder it would still make my day Good luck! Can't wait for the next release
  10. If you load up the mission hx file you want in Igor and look at the entry '07B spawn nme teams origmiss' you will see a few lines like this: spawn nme atr onto nme team with ("m"+(a random integer between x and x) + "officer.atr" )and "ak74u_grenades.kit" at actor. Just change the .atr file and the .kit file to whatever you want This will not change the 'opfor size' which is what was mentioned above; these are for the random number of elite bad guys who will really give you a bad day if you're not careful.
  11. Thanks for the help guys, it worked fine in 32 bit mode.
  12. There is an awesome looking attachment in the C$K British Commandos mod consisting of a british helmet with an NVG set mounted to it. Also the Bravo 25 mod has a pretty cool single lens NVG attachment (one down and one up), although the 'down' one doesn't quite line up with the eyes of the model, so I just use the 'up' model.
  13. In case anyone else is looking, I found 1.0 and it was adequate for what I needed to do. http://www.ghostrecon.net/upload/skinner1_0.zip
  14. The link on the download section of this site is broken, does anyone have this program? (also the 1.1 update would be nice).
  15. Ah I understand now, apologies for my retardation, for some reason I thought that the arrow always pointed north! Don't know how I missed that...
  16. Wait, wat? The compass style threat indicator you can find in 9ms just points north wherever you turn. Is there any way to add the other true compass points to it?
  17. I looked up that mod and tried it out, but like several others which have attempted this; it just has a static compass which doesn't conform to true north. Does anyone know how to add the other points properly?
  18. Was wondering if anyone has got this working with CS5? I've copied the .8BI file into \plug-ins\file formats\ but when I try to open an rsb it says 'it is not the right kind of file'. If it's not possible, what would be the second best option?
  19. Username - {Judge Reinhold}JacktheHipster Thanks for doing this!
  20. Steam username - {Judge Reinhold}JacktheHipster Awesome.
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