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  1. Thanks Admin.... I really do appreciate it this. Thanks again for your time and your help. Omega Recon
  2. Hi there everyone.... I'm looking for the mod download from LZ Hot, called SCAR for GRAW1. Its a mod thats listed in the Weapons Mods in the downloads section. Well, maybe I should say the link is there, but what I get redirected it tells me that the file does not exist. I had this mod before, but I had to reformat my computer, and lost the file, and cannot download it. Does anyone know where I can download this mod from? Can anyone email me this mod for download? Help is greatly appreciated. I liked this mod, and thought it was really cool and would like to get it back on my puter.
  3. Hey everyone..... I'm sure that somewhere over the course of time someone has asked the question I'm about to ask at least a few times. And I apoligize in advance if this has been brought up before. Is there any way possible for my crew to change weapons in certain situations? For example, in the mission FIERCE RESISTANCE, I'll suit up with a Zeus, as well as one of my AI crew. I'll get the chance to use mine, but when I send my AI crew to attack a tank, hes out there with guns blazing, but ends up getting blown away by a tank. ( the dumb nut ) and not using the Zeus thats he's been equi
  4. Hey everyone Im wanting to get a new laptop, and put GRAW and GRAW2 on it, to be able to play it when I leave the house. However in the fast changing world of PC's I have no clue what graphic cards meet or exceed the system requirements, especially for GRAW2. ( I already have GRAW on my laptop now, and runs fine.) Heres some information that I was able to jot down about the laptop on a piece of scrap paper, and was hoping that someone who really knows computers might be able to help me out. The computer Im looking at is an Acer Aspire 7551-7422, running on Windows 7. Its a quad cor
  5. Thanks belvucker for the help. I guess I have a part two to my question then. Is there any way that a mod can be created to get them to crouch or crawl in. I know absolutely nothing about modding for GRAW, but do have experience with mods for the original GR, but that was sooo many years ago. Omega Recon
  6. has not set their status

  7. Hey everyone... Looking for a little bit of help and understanding about the game. And my question is this..... When I and my team get into a certain area and I want to crawl in, how do I get my team to crawl in as well instead of running into a situation and getting shot, at which point Im cussing Kirkland ( or any other member ) for running out into open fire ( The dumb dork ) If there is a way to be able to get them to crawl into a scenario, I havent figured it out, so I thought I'd turn to the forum. Thanks in advance for any help that I get. Omega Recon
  8. Hey there TInker. Went out to Wal Mart and got a controller, thinking to myself while Im standing in line to pay for my purchase, that "This is going to be sooooooo cool." Well, I got home with the controller, downloaded the program, set up all the controls. and started playing the game. I almost went a week trying to play GRAW with a controller. But, my brain was screaming for a keyboard and a mouse. And I didnt have as much control with the controller that I had with the mouse. So, after a few days, I took the controller back to Wal Mart, got my money back, and my brain hasnt been screa
  9. ZeeAlex... Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. It is greatly appreciated. And also want to say thank you for teaching me a little bit about mods and installs. I wanted to do the Brettzies weapons mod, but I was also looking at the GRAW1 Modcombo GRAW1 Modcombo. Do you have any experience with this mod? Its combining Brettzies with the blood mod and some others as well. Lets face it, GRAW just doesnt have enough blood in it. But would like to hear your opinion on the above mentioned mod, or know of anyone that has the mod installed and what they thought of it. Thanks again
  10. Thx for taking the time to try to find out. If i remember right, Brettzies weapon pack is a zip file and not an .exe file. There are also a couple of others that I was reading here onsite that are zip files as well. I was thinking about adding Brettzies unless you happen to know of a better mod to try to add. Thanks again. Hope to hear back from you Omega_Recon
  11. Hey ZeeAlex. Wanted to say thank you for the help. Got the mod installed. Thanks again. I do have one more question in regards to doing mods. When it comes to weapons mods that I can download off the site, where do I put those folders at? Thanks again, and all help is greatly appreciated Louis
  12. Hey everyone. First, I hope that I got this posted in the right area. If now, please forgive. Still new to the GR forums. But, I'm having a problem and was hoping that someone might be able to help. I had downloaded the blood effect mod created by DiGiTALY_-TC. Ok, so, um....I'm not all that computer literate. But could someone please help me with this mod and tell me in a detailed manner where I'm putting these folders/xml documents at? Any help is greatly appreciated. Louis
  13. Hi there everyone. New person to the forum, but not to GR. I've been playing Ghost Recon off and on for years, and recently, GRAW after playing the demo. My question is this: Im running GRAW on my PC, and I'd like to use a game controller instead of the keyboard, well,...just to save the keyboard. Is there any way to change the setting on the game or from within the game for it to accept a game controller? Would I have to change something within the XML document to get it to accept a game controller? Im running version grpcrc 1.02. Thanks in advance, and appreciate any help that som
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