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  1. What's up Ghosts, Let me start this off by saying, Ghost Recon is and always has been my favorite FPS. I ask myself what separates Ghost Recon from all the other FPS games out there? I put some thought to it and have come up with a few things that draw me to play G.R. First off, can you say realistic realistic realistic!! I know one thing when I shoot a target with a sniper rifle I don't care how far that target is, it should go down. Another feature that I like about G.R is that you do not gain back your heath if you are wounded, I mean come on who heals in 20 seconds. It only takes a few bullets in the chest from a lighter powered weapon like the XM8, and that is how it should be. I have noticed that G.R. attracts a different kind of gamer then other first person shooters like Call of Duty. Is it just me or does the G.R game play weed out your Run of The Mill noob. I mean these guys just want to sit in a corner or run around aimlessly. Some of the most organized battles that I have ever played have been played on G.R. Let it be known that for the most part, I play with a lot of randoms. I can put in my any of my Call of Duty games, and play for days and never get that type of game play out of random players. Ghost Recon is the only game that I have ever played where every player on my team has been able to hold up in cross fire positions to lock down parts of the map. What I am saying by ( ever played ) is that when the match was over and we were in the lobby we would not be called campers (good game, nice shooting stuff like that). Well most of the time. Camping = Strategically placing yourself at a point of advantage. Map layout to me makes a huge difference when it comes to a F.P.S. I love the open maps the G.R has been offering us. The cover that the maps provide in G.R. always fits the maps properly. You do not see random stuff sitting around that just does not belong. From what you guys have seen in the trailers, do you believe that G.R.F.S is going to uphold there realistic G.R. feel that I have grown to love? Do you feel that the integration of kinect G.R.F.S, and in all Tom Clancy games is a good idea? Do you think that battlefield 3 and MW3 has anything to do with the new reliese date? If so do you feel that it was a good move?
  2. If this game is not EPIC..... I am going to melt all my Ghost Recon disks into Army Men, and then send them to Ubisoft!!
  3. I feel like I am that much closer to playing, now that I was able to enter in my Game Stop beta code at the Ubisoft webpage... :wall: :wall:
  4. Hey here is some food for thought! I was thinking that it would be really cool if us guys and gals, that pre-ordered GRFS happen to get one of these tee's upon pick up of the game.. PS: I feel sorry for my Xbox come march!! lol
  5. Sorry that link did not work for you guys I was able to find one of the shirts on another site.. Link: I have made a flickr account.. see if you can view them from there.. These are a better photos of the shirts..
  6. Hey what's up my fellow Ghost Recon fans. I was wondering if anyone know where to get those GRFS t-shirts? I posted some links below..
  7. Anyone know a good sleeping pill, that would have me out till umm.. march! That's it I am going up on the roof, and I am not coming down till march! Think I might get it a bit sooner if I tattoo "GRFS" on my face!
  8. Ah! I see our friends at Ubisoft are giving us plenty of time to pay off our pre-orders.. At this rate I guess I am going to put five a month on it, instead of ten.. March is going to be a rough month on my Xbox, that is for sure..
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