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  1. @ EARL... OMG you mean the Elcan M145 is on the wrong way?? Let me know if it is i will need to re-export them @ Stalker. the reflex i put on is square, 1) to lower poly count and 2) cus pic i got had a nice looking ret.. As Shown. If you dont like just say and ill change it. @DTDWardenMac its a piece of cake m8.. Hook up on msn and ill tell ya.. or send me a line.
  2. I have Added the M145 Elcan Scope to the MK46 as you asked. Also done that pistol for you Stalker. I am working on the reticule for Elcan now so that will be finished soon. 1.. Are we having new Reticules? 2.. Can the .gun files be as realistic as possible. (NO 100rounds with the accuracy of a M24).
  3. A Great Man, Such a tragedy..... My Condolances to all his friends...... And Utmost Sympathy For His Family.. A man should never die so young...
  4. @Stalker Zero & Ogre h Is this ok for you? MK46 with and without Scope and Silencer.
  5. I was Asked for a Support Weapon with Silencer.. Heres the MK46 poly count of 987. Can You use it?
  6. ShadowFTG@Hotmail.com and i forgot the screenies.
  7. @DTDWardenMac Thanks I dont know what your P90 looks like but here is a pic of mine. If you need it just ask.. 595 Poly's
  8. @Cobra6... Leave some for the rest of us...
  9. In the .atr file on the very bottom you have Scale Markers. Adjust these and suprising things happen
  10. I will bring the Poly counts down to less than 1000 before i ship them to you, *Dont Want Any Whinging About Lag*. If you need any models just let me know, I have a huge arsenal on my Hard Drive and if i havnt got it i will soon put it together. @ Suicide Commando.. The Stargate Mod had a Knock Back when my PSU blew and Knocked out my HDD, 2mths of work was lost and i am not amused. But saying that <<FTG>> got disbanded due to in house troubles, Once Everything is sorted and the Website the way we like it we will perservere and Carry on. .... I WILL FINISH IT...
  11. Your Hard Drive Usually starts *clicking* and *knocking" if its on its way out. I have never known a working hard drive just stop for no reason. Could be something silly like PSU? check how hot it is getting. There is numourous programs out there that will check your hard drive for faults, have a search and see what you find..
  12. Heres a Couple of mine.. 1100 polys each but definately worth a look at.
  13. I would certainly give up some of my models, And if need be Make some more...Any Suggestions?
  14. We had our site hacked not to long back, It is being redone as we speak except we cant make our minds up how we like it .. Expect Changes... The weapons have been an idea for a long time, But now that we are redoing the site we thought it will be a good idea to carry on and finish it off, But Yes, all the Guns will be available for download. So click away at your pleasure
  15. I Agree. 1 mod of all the best weapons around (No mickey Mouse .Gun files) and it will be a huge hit in the Multiplayer Department.
  16. Hey, Anythings Possible. Just wish i had time to put into some maps..
  17. Those Shots are Beautiful, Truly Beautiful
  18. The Unreal Recon Mod has Been Released. 20Mb... HERE This is just a FUN Mod. Multiplayer Mayhem. Maybe some kind soul could take pity on me and do an Arena Map as an update for it. If one of the Kind Staff could upload it to there server it would be much appreciated. Comments are welcome.. It needs a map.. Anybody know a Good MapMaker????
  19. In my past experience, I have had problems with Island Thunder and Music.XML. Try Not applying the Music.xml file. It will work Without it (IT only)
  20. This mod is now in the Beta testing stages. Just to find out if it runs ok, before adding more models. I thing i will say is the 40 new characters that you can choose from in MP Mode is i sight to behold. Although all the frag weapons do cause a little lag. I will keep you informed of the progress.
  21. Another way of curing this is to turn off EAX is Options and add Force Software. Worked for me
  22. I try to get rifles and such to be under 1000, Handguns under 300, and objects can be as low as 100. Obviously you can make very low counts but the GR Engine handles high poly's really well. Ive even had a 55000 poly gun running well Lots of people complain about poly count in games so this thread will go on and on
  23. I have no Skinning tutorials but i can offer alot of other *BUMF*, This has nothing to do with skins but if you need them you can allocate to said forums. 3d Studio Max Weapon Tagging Helper Points ^LeftHandPoint ^RightHandPoint ^MuzzleFlashPoint ^BrassEjectionPoint ^BackBlastPoint (for rockets) Gun File Tags Weapon Motion Types 0= Handgun 1= Assault Rifle 2= Sniper 3= BOLT ACTION sniper 4= Grenade Launcher 5= Law 6= Shotgun ATR Attachment Tags Island Thunder body attachment tags <HeadAttachmentNormalLOD>Your.qob</HeadAttachmentNormalLOD> <HeadAttachment>Your.qob</HeadAttachment> <HeadAttachmentJungleLOD>Your.qob</HeadAttachmentJungleLOD> <NeckAttachmentNormalLOD>Your.qob</NeckAttachmentNormalLOD> <NeckAttachment>Your.qob</NeckAttachment> <NeckAttachmentJungleLOD>Your.qob</NeckAttachmentJungleLOD> <RightThighAttachmentNormalLOD>Your.qob</RightThighAttachmentNormalLOD> <RightThighAttachment>Your.qob</RightThighAttachment> <RightThighAttachmentJungleLOD>Your.qob</RightThighAttachmentJungleLOD> <LeftThighAttachment>Your.qob</LeftThighAttachment> <LeftThighAttachmentNormalLOD>Your.qob</LeftThighAttachmentNormalLOD> <LeftThighAttachmentJungleLOD>Your.qob</LeftThighAttachmentJungleLOD> <LowSpineAttachmentNormalLOD>Your.qob</LowSpineAttachmentNormalLOD> <SpineLowAttachment>Your.qob</SpineLowAttachment> <LowSpineAttachmentJungleLOD>Your.qob</LowSpineAttachmentJungleLOD> <MidSpineAttachmentNormalLOD>Your.qob</MidSpineAttachmentNormalLOD> <SpineMidAttachment>Your.qob</SpineMidAttachment> <MidSpineAttachmentJungleLOD>Your.qob</MidSpineAttachmentJungleLOD> Hope this helps.. If not its a hell of a lot of waste of space I also have my Character Tutorial on our web site if you need it.
  24. Looks GREAT, Well done Boys
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