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  1. Look Closely.. Now can you see them.. Close Up
  2. A couple of months yet. I want this to be worth the download Once Abydos is done we shall release a beta and then see what else could do with adding....
  3. Check up on it at our website Forum.. Abydos map is underway, but could do with some more ....Hint...Hint.. Lots of new characters, Death Gliders .etc.
  4. Nice One Argyll Heres one i did using a proper hair cut.
  5. You think thats bad... This is what you get for parking in london and not paying your fiver..
  6. You need to Edit The ACTORS name in the .atr file, This will then change from Rifleman,Demolitions etc to what ever name you choose like Marine say. If you want to add more characters in multiplayer then you will need to add the .atr names and kits to use them with in the .kil files found in the kits folder.
  7. You can actually get a converter from microsoft. Which integrates into word so to open works files. I dont know the link but i have used it before
  8. Ok lets help you out here. There are 4 common kinds of file system FAT, FAT32,NTFS and Linux Windows 95 uses FAT (obsolete) Windows 98/ME use FAT 32 Windows 2000 uses NTFS Windows XP uses FAT 32 and NTFS Linux Uses Linux NTFS file systems can see FAT file systems but FAT file systems cant see NTFS. Therefore if you are dual booting Win98/ME with XP then it is best to use FAT 32 so you can swap files from both O/S's Linux cant see either so while dual booting you either use bios commands or a boot manager but you are unable to see the other drives. Also remember FAT32 can be converted to NTFS without loss of files whilst NTFS cannot be converted to FAT32. NTFS is a much better, quicker and security conscious system to use and is reccomended for Windows XP. So Basically to cut to the point if you want to dual boot XP and LINUX it makes no difference as you will need to re format your new drive or partition with the Linux file system anyway. Hope you understand this
  9. The Raid can usually be disabled by a jumper on the motherboard. If you dont have a manual check the manufacturers web site. www.asus.com
  10. Check the Tutorials on our site. The Photoshop one you might find some interest in. Midnight Mods
  11. HeHe i bet when you saw that 3 FPS flashing on your screen you began to panic..
  12. I can get it to you Super Bob. If you have a 180Mb Spare on a site. Or any other way just let me know...
  13. Just Got 3dmark 03. WOW. Certainly pushes your machine, I never knew how bad my pc was.. 1815 score Rad 8500 768Mb Ram Xp2000 CPU Looks like getting that nice new 3000XP with a FX card.. LOL..
  14. Unlucky. Im from Birmingham, Just sold my house and first thing i did was check the new address i want to move to in Tamworth could take Cable... It Does.. There is no way i could live without out.. ...Sad But True...
  15. Here is a list of the Export settings i use for 3dmax. .QOB = Guns+Attachments. .POB = Vehicles+Stationary Guns .CHR = Characters Hope this helps
  16. The a7v-ve motherboards are used by HP in there 521c model. With Athlon 1700XP cpu, 8mb Trident Graphics, 3 pci slots BUT NO agp. If this is your model of PC you will need a PCI GRAPHICS CARD. The Graphics are disabled via the BIOS.
  17. http://www.benchmarkhq.ru/english.html?/sa...ndra2003_e.html I know this link works
  18. There is usually a model number stamped on the motherboard, If not then write the BIOS string down, This is the long string of numbers on the bottom of the first boot screen (press PAUSE to hold screen). Or you can download SiS Sandra its a shareware program that will give details on all your computer components.
  19. A home Network is a GREAT idea. I have set several up and for home gaming through LAN its fantastic. PLUS it keeps the missus away. ICS needs to be setup do share the modem but thats even easier than the network settings. Good Luck and Good Gaming.
  20. There are lots of ways to disable your O/B Graphics. Dependant on what Motherboard you have. Some can be disabled via the BIOS, Some will automatically disable once you add the Graphics Card and some as you where told in the device manager. Could you post your Motherboard and i will tell you the best way for that board.
  21. Heres one i did.. Not so detailed but what do you expect for 96 polys..
  22. LOL. Heres one for Stalker_Zero .. I KNOW he Wanted it.
  23. Here she is finished with all her clobber on.
  24. Just messing about but what about this for a base character. Susan Grey looking a little sweeter.
  25. If you have a retail version of XP (not a restore disc) Then boot from Disc and choose the install option. Then choose the REPAIR INSTALLATION, this will allow you to change the mobo.. It will reinstall windows keeping all your settings programs etc as they are now. All you will lose is your windows updates.
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