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  1. A new Stationary gun for the Jaffa to play with.. The Pulse Cannon.
  2. If you visit our site i have a few tutorials on texturing different parts. It may help you understand what you are doing wrong.
  3. Recon Snake a little advice for crashing in max. open your autobak folder and check out the 3 autobak files
  4. Get the plugins from the Island Thunder Disc, Folder named Extra's.. Use the max 4 plugins..
  5. Just waiting on a couple more maps and missions for Stargate... Unfortunately these things dont come overnight
  6. Should work, You sure you havn't got more than 1 mesh in the window? The Basic controls are the same.
  7. As he breaks down in tears... Send it over.. Ill tag it and send it back.. That way you will understand more than me just telling you.. As it gets a litttle confusing You will need it as a stationary gun... No way can you add that to your kit... Where the hell would the Holster Point go
  8. Man That is SWEET... You said you wanted to donate to Stargate mod... Ill tell you how if you let me Borrow it ..... seriously though. You need to export as a pob. Either checkout piggyson.com or i could tag it for you and send it back... *Cough*Cough*.
  9. You cant add any tagging to .qob files.. It just wont work, So throwing a frag is of no use. But a .pob file is different.. You can tag a pob file in all kinds of ways. This is why the smoke grenade in WOI (IMO) is the same as the DEMO charge. Its just a pity the engine in GR wont allow you to throw or fire pob files.. Here is a pic of a jet i was playing around with. Notice the tagging at the rear.. gives the effect of the burners.
  10. The MALP is an extremely useful tool.. but also an extremely boring one aswell. Just having a vehicle following a path is a bit on the lame side. Whilst i was doing the model i just aded a few more tags I too have never seen SG-1 riding the MALP.. But they COULD! ... You never know...
  11. The new M.A.L.P. Multi-purpose vehicle.. Will carry 6 people + driver and kit.. ;D
  12. Dont know about the Bikini But here is Bra'tak.
  13. @ l-li†m/-\n of coarse just get in touch. @ Viper Sg-1 will be specialists, When maps are complete we will work on Quick Missions and Campaign, So expect both. Staff Weapon works and fires the bolt but the zat is a bit more complex. I have set it so it fires alot of weaker bullets. This SORT of gives the impression of the stun and kill.. But Cant do alot with the engine to correct this
  14. Check our site for tutorials on the basics of character models. Also Adding and Mapping the Models.
  15. Spas Yes. Jackhammer No. But USAS-12 Instead.
  16. @Kamikazi.. Did you read my post. Gr wont just read any sound file, Try it amazingly it works.
  17. Try this. Open a GR sound file in windows sound recorder. Play it then delete the music using the edit > delete before current position. Then insert your music and resave. You will find it should now work. Strange.... But True..
  18. The team Trying to make it home looking ominous Trying to sneak upto the deathgliders whilst they have full guns blazing isnt going to be easy. Only to find a team of Jaffa waiting. Stopping to take a look at the local wildlife. On their way home? These are images of the nearing completion Abydos map. The deathgliders are fully armed and will shoot with an array of weaponary.
  19. *rs600cubed be careful with what you are doing * The motherboard will automatically detect the ram speed you are using. All you are doing is upping the FSB of the chip and overclocking the processor causing it to crash. The board you are using may need more voltage to the ram so it uses the full potential (usually a jumper setting on board). As i say be careful you could end up blowing your processor
  20. Check you have you got the IT RSB.BMI in your plugins not the older version?
  21. The AT supply wont work due to the wrong connections. You need an ATX power supply but i have always come under the assumption they are all ONE size. Even the smaller Midi cases use the same size psu?
  22. The attachment tags you need are listed in the SKINS section under Miscellaneous Mini-Tutorials, By: The Community Your head attachments need to be set up like this <HeadAttachmentNormalLOD>your.qob</HeadAttachmentNormalLOD> <HeadAttachment>your.qob</HeadAttachment> <HeadAttachmentJungleLOD>your.qob</HeadAttachmentJungleLOD> The female voices are not the same as SOAF what you need to do is rename your CHARACTER FILE with one of the 4 woman tags the engine uses These are Lindy, Susan, Astra, or Eritrean so your character file will be named something like this Lindy_mynewcharacter.chr This will then use the female voice. Hope this helps
  23. They are known as Replicators, Little machines that eat metal to reproduce "hence Replicators". They attack by firing acid.... Not figured that one out yet! But these little critters talk in the russian language... Not Figured that out either! They can move as fast as any character.... Because they are characters..
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