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  1. Here is a Quote i did from our forum on this subject.. I hope it helps you too. "OK.. The Bare arms model is the HARDEST, You can try and do your best but it will still distort.. (Imagine twisting a rag... It will still distort) The way round this is to either try and IGNORE it.. Or HIDE it. The ways you can hide it are by using a watch or a bracelet to cover it. The best way in my opinion though is as follows. Using a bit of forsight.. Go back to before you attached your mesh and make a copy of the wrist segment. Then scale this to just below the wrist segmant of your model and attach to you main model. When coming to Edit the Envelopes use the main wrist section as left hand with the sum of 1 and all other parts including new peice as left hand end with the sum of 1 Now when your wrist is twisted the new piece will cover the twist.. Here is a close up in max.. In game it is hardly visible. "
  2. I just upgraded my 8500 to a 9700pro.. I now play on 1280x1024 with all high detail at 75+fps.. I dont consider it to be any real improvement over my 8500 but my son needed a new Graphics card.............. and i needed an exuse Athlon 2600xp, 1.5Gb 2700ram 3dMark 2001 13902 3dMark 2003 4565
  3. I also use the D-Link DI-704P.. Fantastic value for a fantastic router.. Easy to set up and does the job of a anything at twice the value.. With Printer port and Firewall You just cant go wrong
  4. Sorry but yes Island Thunder is required.. PS... Nice Sig
  5. A Pic from the new upcoming Mothership Map.. Map done my Tony O..
  6. The SGC map is in the making along with Abydos and a Goauld Mothership...
  7. *ABSOLUTELY AMAZING* Fantastic job......
  8. Yes the DEATHGLIDERS are there. They fire The same missiles as the Staff weapon only larger and more powerful.. But one Rocket from the M136 soon puts it out of action...
  9. No Problem Rocky... 2 maps and some missions left.... Then the real fun starts
  10. Here is the Latest on the Stargate Mod.. "Tony O" has just finished the Abydos map and has recently started the Mothership map. Whilst "Draconis" Is nearing completion of his SGC map.. Some pics of the completed Abydos Map... Expect Beta Soon..
  11. Geez Gentlemen, Think of the poor 56kers.. 2Mb is still large for a texture file. All my models are 256x256 or smaller.. Ok you may lose a LITTLE detail but if you texture in max using a large pic and then resize for game use you cant even notice the difference. The Stargate mod so far with ALL characters ALL Guns ALL new Fascia and a new map is only 18Mb Zipped... Cmon guys think of all the people who have to down load the mods and are not on broadband...
  12. The Sony DRU500A Is a fantastic writer.. Mine Cost £280 when they first appeared but deffinately worth the money.. It Writes 1X discs at a default 2X speed and is very reliable.. Does both "+" and "-" dics.. Since "-" is cheaper and Microsoft are going for the "+" versions this makes an excellent choice... IMO
  13. Take the face off the front of the lights etc and texture using your file, But only collapse if there is one texture file for the whole gun.. if you are using 2 texture files then attach the peice back on.. PS.. Nice looking Model
  14. Go with the Nforce 2 Board. (Via kt400 has problems with 9700pro) 9700pro Graphics 512 Mb DDR 2700 Ram (quite adequate) 2600-2800 XP processor. Very Powerful machine for a very good price..
  15. ETA on Stargate is unknown. Missions are coming (hopefully) and 3rd map is underway.. Beta testing should be soon. Its taking a long time.... But it will be worth it..
  16. Try our site i have some basic character tutorials covering different sections.. http://www.midnightmods.myby.co.uk/
  17. Send me your email addy and i will send you the plugin
  18. Which Tutorials are you going to do? Dont forget there are 2 ways of exporting weapons. The way i do it is totally different to piggysons way. We have some tutorials on our site if it will save you some time... ..Good Luck..
  19. @Ruin If you need the C-dilla for XP. I can send it via messenger.
  20. Just watched the film and liked it ALOT.. If you need any help just give me a shout
  21. Due to Demand and that some of the scripters for this mod are doing there duty in Iraq.. We need some Missions for this mod.. If anybody is interested please contact me on ShadowFTG@Hotmail.com or via our website.. http://www.midnightmods.myby.co.uk/ Thanks...
  22. Our website and forum will give you any advanced news on the Stargate mod.. Just waiting on Maps and Missions at the moment. There will hopefully be 3 new maps Abydos,SGC and an Ice map. Abydos is complete, The others are being done.. Unfortunately with the war on, things are taking there time.. Especially as one of our scripters is there now.... Once Iraq has been liberated the boys should return and work hopefully completed..
  23. Still waiting on the maps... 1 done, 1 in the works and 1 to be done. Then the missions
  24. Add the second hard drive as a slave to the first.. (Jumper settings on rear of drive) This way ME will boot but not 98 (unless stated in Bios). You will then have access to all the files on the second drive.
  25. Windows 2000 and XP Both Run on NTFS. windows 2000 is only NTFS whilst XP runs on Both..
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