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  1. Glad your Knuckeling down Chems, There is also the unfinished SGC and Hatak Maps I am not going to release the full version yet before trying to get a couple more maps into this mod.. The beta was just to see wether or not it was worth carrying on.. From the feedback it is Here are a few pics of the Beta.
  2. TheBlakeness (HotPants) aka SkyJockey Is right. <ian> tags are used for damage animation.. ie:- ^[d0]fire_large_type1 will give a large fire on the vehicle when shot and destroyed.. So when ^[d0]fire_large_type1 is grouped with <n><body><ian><tank> and its shot with an AT weapon... It will look like its on fire If you are going to add animation this is stored in the .anm files, Named the same as your .pob file... Look in the Ghost Recon/Data/Motion/ folder for the ones used in the game. Yes this is true
  3. Its a simple allignment problem. Make sure the O (capital o " Sorry for not making that clear) Tags have the Z axis facing UP and the X axis facing FRONT Leaving the Y facing to the SIDE..
  4. These are the O and O01 tags - Place in centre of pivot and centre of wheels floor level. Make sure you First group is <n><gun> and contains all the gun tags and the main cannon also O tag. Then group this and all other meshes including O01 tag into <n><stand> This will put the cannon at floor level.
  5. This is how it should be set up Group <n><gun> First Then Place everything in Group <n><stand> Once this is done export as .pob with these settings Hope this helps..
  6. You need to tag inside Max. If you need any information about this im sorry i dont have any tutorials on vehicle tagging but i can strongly recommend EL OSO's These are excellent and will certainly get you in the swing of things.
  7. That is probably the most powerful card on the market. Unfortunately your processor is not.. Upgrade your processor and you will see that baby REALLY work.
  8. No need to... Out Of Interest what card you got/getting
  9. You need to export it as .pob Just tag and export as a TRUCK, This will give no sound in the game
  10. Attatch to the Left Thigh. <LeftThighAttachmentJungleLOD>att_cuba_alied_demo.qob</LeftThighAttachmentJungleLOD> Look HERE for reference tags.
  11. It really is as simple as you say, BUT you also need to add the player in the .kil files. "Open up the no_restrictions.kil file in notepad (found in kits folder) to understand more." And just add your .atr files to these
  12. Make sure you have tagged the .atr file correctly. It should read like this:- <MidSpineAttachmentNormalLOD>Your.qob</MidSpineAttachmentNormalLOD> <SpineMidAttachment>Your.qob</SpineMidAttachment> <MidSpineAttachmentJungleLOD>Your.qob</MidSpineAttachmentJungleLOD>
  13. Try renaming your sound to "v_blhk_id.wav" and then add this to the effects.xml. Just remember any chopper in your mod will have the same engine sound.
  14. There is no point releasing a compeition for GR Guns if they are not low poly. This game was designed for low poly weapons.. We all know you can use higher poly models but if you fill the screen with high poly models, on lower spec machines it just makes a good looking slide show. Here is a p90 i did (one of many models for the unreleased community mod?) This is under 500 polys and the texture is 256x128.. IMO its not a bad looking gun for a LOW POLY model Sorry TOTALLY OFF TOPIC but just my 0.02p
  15. There are a few characters with bandanas in GR DS IT... Which chr are you using?
  16. You are right CK, You can only have one attachment. BUT it is easy enough in max to make the Bandana and the Shades as 1 attachment and then add it..
  17. Unfortunatly YES! but this can also be edited not to show.. Only problem is.. Neither do the Humvees...!!
  18. You can import into a map using .vcl files it really is quite easy, Design the object you wish to add to your map.. Tag it as you would a Humvee (type 0 in Igor) and export. Once you have added your new .vcl file onto a map using IGOR you will notice no sound comes from the object like it would a tank I Have done it many times and it is very effective..
  19. Lexsis all you have to do is rename the .chr files. Add these names before your file then change the .atr to read them. Lindy, Susan,Astra, or Eritrean EG:- astra_mymodel.chr
  20. Ive been away for quite a while... But can i come and play
  21. There is a very good program i use to cut AVI files into smaller sizes. EasyVideoSplitter Fantastic quick and easy
  22. There will be 2 downloads, The mod and the sound. The sound installer is 17mb and the mod is 28mb (with 2 maps). What i have done is halved every texture file (including characters) this saves 20mb of size. It may lose some detail but it saves twice the download size.
  23. The mod is virtually complete except waiting on 2 more maps. Once these have been completed the mod should be out. How long till these maps are done is unknown, But he says they will be excellent
  24. Sigh... Streinger Sigh.... 2 maps in 2 to go.... Oh for 32 hrs a day a may get time to eventually finish it..
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