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  1. If you have a 360 controller, the next time you play try plugging it in before you start the game. It should work. Its an unofficial feature.
  2. Maps will always be free. Everything else can be purchased via an in game currency that you earn from playing or with real money. Weapons and abilities require level unlocks so you can't buy and use something you haven't earned. Overall economic goal is "you can't buy power with real money".
  3. Found a new video this morning * Great example of the typical team play experience
  4. It's something we've been considering and discussing so I wouldn't rule out the possibility.
  5. Hey everyone, Quick intro here, I am the Core Gameplay Lead Designer for GRO and to echo what Theo has said, we've been watching these and other forums a lot to gauge and follow community reactions to our game. That said, scanning the net this morning I was able to dig up some player made GRO videos from the Close Beta 1 being held in France that I wanted to share and provide some commentary on. Hopefully this will give you guys a better idea of what the game play is like. * Some good examples of players trying to pin others down behind cover while other members move to flank. * Also I love the ending on this one. Good lesson there... don't stay in 1 spot peaking up and down. * 50 sec mark you see Recon spamming his ACS ability a bit much. On Activation there is a significant chunk of energy consumed. Ultimately his poor timing on its use leads to his demise. If he would have just saved up a bit more and waited till he got under the bridge to use it I think he could have taken that guy out. * Also not sure what he was thinking trying to use a sniper rifle at Point blank.... * Starts around the 40 second mark * Not a bad overview of the front end but the UI team has already made so many improvements its hard for me to look at such an old build. * What I really like about this video is that this guy has picked up on some of the advanced moves you are able to do in the game. * Around the 40 second mark you can see the Assault class peaking well over 90 degrees around a corner. The more you peak the more you expose yourself, simply controlled with the aiming of the mouse. * 55sec the guy leaves cover and dives for the next then prone rolls to safety. * 1:15 there is a lot of team cover hopping. By design this is something we really strived to achieve in a natural way. No team communication needed to see this kind of tactical coordination happen. * 1:20 the player starts using the Q key to swap the camera to the other shoulder. * A lot of good team tactical movement. * 1:40 you can hear an enemy recon using his cloak ability which foreshadows this player's demise. It really helps to make sure your team moves and clears two different paths at the same time to prevent flanking. * The start of this video is great example of a player realizing he is over-extended. If this was your typical run and gun gameplay he would have just jumped through the window but instead he waits for backup before advancing the line. * Around 35 sec into the video, you see the reward for his caution. He is able to flank an enemy holding the second front and together his team is able to push and take the next objective. * I like about this vid because it captures a person playing for his first few games. You get to watch his play style evolve as he learns the mechanics of the game. * He starts off just spamming his oracle like a newb. * By design Recon with SMG is the best class for move and shoot gameplay and during the first game this guy isn't using cover at all. Despite him doing well on kills, note that his team outnumbers the enemy but somehow they are losing overall. * 6:50 the start of a new game and this same guy is starting to use cover * By 9:00 mins in, this guy is now doing squad based tactical movements. * 10:25 his use of the oracle has changed. He picks a critical moment that helps his team move and clear the enemies spotted. PS. I am pretty sure these videos break the TOS for the CB and I am guessing will likely be removed in the near future. Till then enjoy.
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