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  1. Put the video card during installation and the first start-up dedicated server! Then do not need a video card!
  2. GRFS was very bad! I waited four years. I bought the first day! I care! Very sorry! Unplayable! Full Console beat it! I look forward to beating skin patch pc! Until then, do not play a team and do not buy!
  3. Hi Fans! I ordered a new GRFS. I see a problem! H_Team my team! The members say it is not because I do not GRAWE! GRAWE 2 was a real FPS! GRFS TPS! Why do real harm Ubisoft FPS? I try! The other team members do not! Anticipated FPS mode? Can not console me! I am a PC user! I want FPS! Five years preparing for the game! Ubisoft please make a real FPS in real mod! Thank you on behalf of my team! Ubisoft thinks that noob game with many copies you sell SSC? Reménykdem that this game is strong anti-cheat! There are many games to start with Google Search: "GRFS cheat" to improve what is not perfect? possible! Do it! This is a positive comment! Yes, and I SKIDROW torrent blackbox version runs all! Console and PC versions as well! Of course I can see. Unfortunately, Ubisoft delay the appearance Hungary. Why? Who knows! I copy STEL box arrives next week Thursday! Please fight against the torrent version! Thank you!
  4. johntc02 !!!! Pls help me! Please do a very fast FPS mod! Each player is requested from you GRAWE normal! This is the third a very sick person! Do not opinions? Only praise! Ok! beautiful! smart you are! good! or perfect! The GRFS unfortunately made ​​COD, MOH, CS, etc. ..
  5. Next week comes the game for me! Now I look at the third person! ######! mental illness? Bushmaster and I hope other manufacturers do real FPS mode! Third abnormal person mode! Pure BF, CS, COD, etc.. Disgusting! 5 years doing crap? Why? Why do I need to do like all the rest? I waited five years for this game is crippled?
  6. Hi admin! Can be set to full screen? Sorry bad English!
  7. Lan? It is in that? Otherwise, what map? You were a bit slow?
  8. Hajrá Magyarok! Szeretném, hogy összegyűjtsük azokat a játékosokat akik tisztán játszanak!!! Szeretik a Ghost Recon sorozatot! Lojalitás szó jelentését is ismerik! Aldoznának is az alakuló csapatért! Weboldal, saját szerver stb. Ja és igen! Játszanának is és nagyjából tudnak is ! Go Hungarians! I would like to collect the players who play clean! They like the Ghost Recon series! Loyalty meaning even know! Sacrificing the inaugural team also! Website, its servers, etc.. Oh, and yes! About playing well and they can too!
  9. All very funny! All talk big joke! Someone in the RAS-friendly free high ping! Free fraud! Someone like me it is banned! Outrageous and very annoying ras server with all the king! Server is not clean! Friends cheat, there are no prohibitions bluster! It characterizes the whole clan!
  10. There are 50 to 100 players! Too old to play! There are 10 to 20 servers!
  11. One can! Total Commander to open xml file! Edit! typing a new message and save! Restart the server and the new message!
  12. Why? Because they are small and pathetic dick all! For UFC, xlb, ###### ...... all deceitful brigade! Because there are few honest team! Our team does not shoot more! For beginners, looser, noob does not play when you die! I prefer to stand next to learn, see, that everyone should play! Come RvsA = F3R = server! Your nickname? Bye Thus, few players can play! Miserable Ubisoft has not taken any new GRFS and GRO! They also get to my ######! Of course, they were surely disappointed troops beta key!
  13. The videos also show GRAW2 exterior view of the game ... but they were not!
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