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  1. AmeyeBlind Thanks for the heads up about the indestructable i wondered why when i set the vehicle to indestructable i could still blow it up It will be of use on my next map thanks
  2. Hi Tinker Finally found the map that i first saw this in under events <element type="SetIndestructable" name_id="fp1" start_time="4"/> In the area i want to trigger the disappearance (area6) <element type="SetSlot" name_id="fp1" slot="0"start_time="2"/> fp1 is what i called the fence panel start_time is set to 2 so when i walk into area 6 after 2 seconds the fence panel disappears hope this helps
  3. Ive put a hemtt in the whole and ive not seen one of those destroyrd by gnades so fingers crossed if during test it does then i will have to make indestrucable lol whole i meant hole
  4. Sorry Tinker When you say a "dynamic vehicle" is that any vehicle in dynamic or are the dynamic vehicles in vehicles im typing this thinking "What a silly question"
  5. thanks Tinker I will try to find the scripting
  6. Tinker Crashes every time, i named the fence panel "fence1" Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: disable in type <Unit>
  7. Tinker Thanks as always, i will give this a try, failing that i will see how to do the vehicle thing
  8. Hi I want to be able to remove a fence panel after i have reached a certain point like area 7 so as to make the journey back shorter. I have looked in the other topics and the pdf by wolfsong but not sure how to set this up. any help would be awesome thanks
  9. AmEyeBlind Thanks I just hoped there might be.
  10. Hi all I have searched the forums and Grin scripting for beginers and cant find if there is a script for making a helicopter indestructable. i found the script for dynamic props but not vehicles help please
  11. ok thanks I had one unit on patrol with patrol path and waypoints
  12. AmEyeBlind this is the crash Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 data\lib\units\ai\soldier\sorderlogics.dsf(-1): cant find member: find_close in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\ai\soldier\sorderlogics.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\custom_levels\bodybagsv2 4th\bodybagsv2 4th.dsf(38) There is no ai on the map all reference to ai events or element types have been removed from the script. I had a back up of this map folder so i have put that back in and am working with that one now Thanks for the tutorials and videos they should help.
  13. LOL Tinker my heli scripting is coming on lol. I have two taking off then landing then re-taking off and then guarding set areas. It impressed me anyway Tinker thats what i have been trying to do, i have screwed up to many half built maps and scripts so i have learnt to do base maps with one specific role. problem is this time my map has several levels, the start is below the "player" and when placing ai in the lower levels i crash on start up. I have installed the backup from last week, not lost much, so hopefully my ai will spawn if not its just another waste of a weeks map building It all one big learning curve
  14. thanks, i get the crash everytime i put ai in maybe its something else. Will give it a go
  15. still looking at your various scripts. one problem tho. my map is at the "player" level in the middle, north goes up and south goes down. when i place the human ai in the south part i get an error as the blue guard circle is not at ground level, it is above the human, arrow down/up and page down dont make the blue cirle move. how do i get it to move to ground level so i can think about the "wave re-spawn" didnt realise this was the error
  16. Thanks I will look at Oh_bravo today at some point. And notepad ++ looks good i have copied a script into it and it looks like it should be a bit easier.
  17. Well i am ok at normal groups spawning and following the ai graph but anything like this continuous spawn for multi groups has fraggeled my brain. I have hundreds of maps including the arsenic one if you tell me the names of the maps i will see if i have them. wasnt stairway to hell one of yours? maybe i will give it another go LOL thanks again
  18. Have spent too long trying to get this to work and still nothing I have decided my brain is not capable of scripting anything other than heli's and c4. might lead to boring maps but hey if you got all well and good, I havent. I obviously have no scripting talent so i have decided to GIVE UP Thanks to you and Tinker for the help but its still beyond my talentless scripting brain. <-------- my brain and scripting
  19. AmEyeBlind Sorry i didnt explain the re-spawning ai I am trying to get the ai to spawn or just start the run when i enter area2, i have a group in area3 called run1w1. My intention was to get the ai to run once a player entered area 2 not to respawn.
  20. Tinker and AmEyeBlind Many thanks, the error message has gone and GRAW loads. I didnt change anything just re-exported it twice and it loaded i will look at the scripts posted, thanks I guess your saying that i should have the ai at the beginning of the map so i dont need to script them to spawn at a set point, good point. fingers crossed i can get it to work Notepad for scripting
  21. I have changed the scritp in area 2 events and the game now loads to be able to play but still no spawn... <event name="start_area2"> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area2" state="deactivate"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group2" start_time="0"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w1"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w1" start_time="2"/> </event> Whe placing the enemy the group id is set to run1w1, the name is set to none even when i rename it to run1 and save/export it still defaults back to none, is this the problem? if counting script lines i assumme the blanks count then line 125 is blank! If it does not include blanks then there arent 125 lines of script theres only 90.
  22. Tinker DOH didnt spot that, will try now thnx Just changed it, ran editor, exported and crash ville Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 data\levels\custom_levels\continuous spawn\continuous spawn.xml (125): Identifiers must match SCRIPT STACK data\levels\custom_levels\continuous spawn\continuous spawn.dsf(26)
  23. Hi AmEyeBlind saw this and have tried it...no luck. identifiers must match error. Im trying to get the ai to spawn when i walk into area 2. but i have tried every combination of scripting and i cant get it to work. Well i thought i had tried every combination but i guess not. Script is posted <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <World> <!-- World --> <load_scene file="/data/levels/custom_levels/continuous spawn/continuous spawn.diesel" use_lightset="true" materials="/data/levels/custom_levels/continuous spawn/materials.xml"> <object name="world_bb" hidden="true"/> <object name="room01" hidden="true"/> <object name="Plane01" hidden="true"/> <global_ambient color="60 60 40"/> </load_scene> <load_scene file="/data/objects/lens/normal_lens.diesel"> <object name="normal_lens" hidden="true"/> </load_scene> <load_scene file="/data/objects/lens/zoom_lens.diesel"> <object name="zoom_lens" hidden="true"/> </load_scene> <script_data> <xi:include href="/data/levels/common/common.xml#xpointer(/common/*)"/> <!-- ------------------------------------------ AREAS ----------------------------------------------------- --> <area_group name="area1" area_name="area1" group="mp_players" interval="0.1" condition="1"/> <area_group name="area2" area_name="area2" group="mp_players" interval="0.1" condition="1"/> <area_group name="area3" area_name="area3" group="mp_players" interval="0.1" condition="1"/> !-- ------------------------------------------ TRIGGERS ----------------------------------------------------- --> <user name="unit_in_area1" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area1"/> <event name="start_area1"/> </user> <user name="unit_in_area2" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area2"/> <event name="start_area2"/> </user> <user name="unit_in_area3" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area3"/> <event name="start_area3"/> </user> <user name="run1w1_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w1"> <enemy group_id="run1w1" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <!-- ------------------------------------------ EVENTS ----------------------------------------------------- --> <event name="start_game"> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area1" state="activate" start_time="1"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area2" state="activate" start_time="1"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area3" state="activate" start_time="1"/> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="set_var" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="set_var"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" set="1"/> </event> <event name="time_run1"> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="select_run1" start_time="10"/> </event> <event name="select_run1"> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="1" event="spawn_run1w1"/> <!-- ------------------------------------------ area1 events ----------------------------------------------------- --> <event name="start_area1"> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area1" state="deactivate"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group1" start_time="0"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="gun1" start_time="0"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="gun2" start_time="0"/> </event> <!-- ------------------------------------------ area2 events ----------------------------------------------------- --> <event name="start_area2"> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area2" state="deactivate"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group2" start_time="0"/> <event name="spawn_run1w1"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w1" start_time="2"/> </event> <!-- ------------------------------------------ area3 events ----------------------------------------------------- --> <event name="start_area3"> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area3" state="deactivate"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group3" start_time="0"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="gun3" start_time="0"/> </event> <!-- ------------------------------------------ end ----------------------------------------------------- --> <player name="player1" mod_name="OnFoot"> <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player1"/> </player> <player name="player2" mod_name="OnFoot"> <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player2"/> </player> <player name="player3" mod_name="OnFoot"> <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player3"/> </player> <player name="player4" mod_name="OnFoot"> <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player4"/> </player> <gametype_info name="enemies_to_kill" value="180"/> <spawn_manager> <!--<xi:include href="/data/levels/merge_xml/common_spawn.xml#xpointer(/to_include/spawn/*)"/> --> </spawn_manager> </script_data> </World>
  24. Are you using win7 64bit? if so there is a 32 bit folder which will have program files etc for all your 32bit progs all your Graw files will be in the 32bit folder. im on 32 bit so everything is where i know it should be. hope this helps
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