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  1. Well, I did something wrong. Now nothing works at all. When I attempt to run the uninstaller, it goes through the motions as if it were performing the action, but when finished it's as if noting were done at all. Running setup again gives me the option to play the game, or "uninstall." If I choose to "play" the game, either nothing happens at all, or I get a Windows error telling me that GR has encountered a problem and needs to shut down. Then asks me if I want to notify Microsoft of the problem. I've tried using Windows "Add/Remove Programs" as well as the uninstaller on the disk itself with no difference either way. I tried removing the registry key using "regedit" and trying it again, but get the same results. At this point, I believe that I've ruined something to the point where I'll never be able to play the game on this computer ever again. Which really stinks! Sigh... Oh, and I've checked my computer for malware and viruses. Negative for both.
  2. Okay, I'm having the same problem. Except that every time I try and install either DS or IT neither one of them installs. Both go through the motions, but the progress indicator fails to "show progress" and when I run setup again, both also ask if I want to install the game. (VS. Uninstall as if they had been installed to begin wth.) Does the order the patches and games are installed make a difference here? I'm going to assume perhaps they do. So, here's my plan of action. (Although I would still appreciate a reply if these threads are still being followed.) I'll uninstall all my Ghost Recon files. I'll then install GR. Then DS, Followed by IS, I'll then install patch 1.3, And finally patch 1.4. I'm sure it was an oversight, but just in case it wasn't, is there any reason patch 1.3 was not listed in the reply to the thread poster when correcting them about the order? In the reply the order was listed as: " GR -> DS -> IT -> Patch 1.4 " I'll post my results when finished. Thank you to all that reply.
  3. Oh. Ok. Well, that stinks. I guess I'll try my desktop. Thanks for answering though.
  4. Sorry, first had this in "General Discussion." If a monitor want's to take that one, I tried. Thanks Anyway... Has anyone ever developed a patch for this? GRAW On install I got an error that stated my system did not meet the requirements necessary to run the game, "Video Card" and "Shader model." My processor is a 2.9 P-4 1 G. RAM 40 G HD Video Card: ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 IGP Yes, I have read the "read me" that explains this (Albeit a bit too late.) I just wanted to know if anyone's ever developed a patch for this? I'd really love to play this game! I've about worn my original Ghost Recon out. (All the Mods too) Any help would be great! Thank you. Sincerely, policetac NEW Info ok, tried the patch. (Patch won.t run.) Patch says can't find installed version of the game. Tried every which way. Crash report as follows: (From Game) Crash in application version: 29980.2562 StretchRect() failed in D3DBackBufferCopyTexture. The method call is invalid (probably due to invalid parameters). Renderer: normal Physics : threaded Now the "Shader model" of 1.100000 And also Graphic Driver Version 6392 Don't meet minium requirements
  5. You're not talking to me are you? Because I don't care if the thread ends or not. Personally, I see it as a way for people to keep learning. Threads have a way of following their own destiny when it comes to free associative thought. The best kind!
  6. What are the most common problems for experiencing "mouse lag" and how do you adjust for or fix it? Thank you. policetac
  7. I'm really glad you guys mentioned it here though. I've been out here on the web for quite a while, and I'm pretty good at most computer things, but I've NEVER considered editing the registry before. Oh, I've been tempted from time to time for one reason or another because I've had a problem or something and some place told me to "Just do this" "Uuugghhh UUgghhh!" "No Way!" "I just know I'll screw something up!" Well, you folks answered my post, and you gave me very simple and specific instructions on what to do, so I tried it. AND was successful! Not only did I fix my problem, but I did so without making my computer go boom! Thank you! Personally, I doubt if there are very many places who can honestly say that one of their site visitors trusted them. But for some reason I did. And apparently was correct to do so. For some reason I just knew. Keep up the great work! VIVA LA GHOST RECON!!!! Sincerely, policetac
  8. Sunday Problem solved. Thank you to all that helped. The editing of the registry was what helped. Thanks again, policetac
  9. Saturday 9:30 PM PST Ok, I went into the registry and found those entry's I've deleted them and am going to try a reinstall. I'll let you all know how it goes. Thank you. Sincerely, policetac
  10. I'll try that today thank you.I'll let you know how it goes. Sincerely, policetac
  11. Ok, I switched operating systems from XP to 7 and wasn't able to get my Ghost Recon to run. Since I can't live without it, I switched back to XP. But I think I was having a problem with my video. During my trying to figure it all out, I did something to my game to the point where I can't install/uninstall my game in order to set it all up again. Akll it wants to do is run an uninstall that doesn't even really do that right. Even if I download it again, it does the same thing. Any suggestions? Thank you. policetac
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