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  1. @rocky its going to be 3rd person shooter (first person when aiming), or it will be pure first person shooter ? this is very important for me, i just dont like 3rd person perspective and thats wy i didnt buy grfs, so i hope it will be pure fps for the Pc and tps for consoles. cheers
  2. hello all, i watched this forum time to time, and decide to participate on this thread, i have been a big fan of Ghost Recon on PC, the last one i Enjoyed a lot was GRAW2, now that the lastest ghost recon is Third Person Shooter, its a big Letdown for me, i dont like 3rd person Shooter beacause i think they are no tactical, since you can see over walls, corners and stuffs, its annoying to me, and more importantly i dont feel inmersed on the game, i dont wanna see the whole body, i want be part of it as FPS. its bad how a company can ###### on good game, changing it from FPS to TPS, its like imagine battlefield being switch over TPS, the community will simple left the game, so i think this reason this game was and is a failure is beacause it DOESNT represent the TRULY ghost recon game. its just an arcade TPS which is sad. so all this added to the fact that they dont provide mod tools and dedicated servers. I am just waiting for Groundbranch game, hope it will be good. cheers
  3. http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/crossix i am feeling lucky!
  4. i have noticed that a lot of guys are disappointed cuz it will be a 3rd person view game, but i haven't see see many guys posting your thoughts about it in the official forums, i am personally disappointed cuz everything points to a PORT version (3rd person), so i did let them know im NOT HAPPY with the 3rd person view in game. like someone says: they are too lazy to make a solid PC version on First Person, so they prefer to ######ed the game making it 3rd person view, its like, imagine Battlefields or Cod turning on TPS view? (weird huh) im pretty sure the people will be screaming at forums and so, but thats why UBI can make what they want, cuz the community is kinda Calm and quite. SAD.
  5. i respect what yo said and i hope you like the game, but personally im disappointed about the game... i have played all ghost recon series (PC) and its obvious that the game is taking different direction now , which is why many people are leaving the game and looking for another game such as TAKEDOWN, the good thing is We now have choices. Agreed
  6. Just to keep inform some guys out there... the PC is going to be TPS. according the link http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/665196-GRFS-PC-Version-Details/page3 my face can explain my feelings now.
  7. Console Port, it looks like it will be ((((((((, according the released date. ((((((((((
  8. what about if they don't reach the 200,000 bucks? they wont make it and keep the money?
  9. Considering that third person GRAW (consoles) is better than first person GRAW (PC) I think that Future Soldier is good in third person. no for me mate, Third Person is not definitely for me. i tried GRAW2 on console and PC and guess which one still playing? GRAW2 PC FPS.
  10. lol amazon has December 31, 2012 for the release of the pc versio... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0037LVW9M/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  11. No purchase for me if there is : DRM and Third Person View.
  12. Hey Delta ns job with the art work, i was looking for that sight, can you linked it to me so i can dowload or you may have on psd? thank you
  13. Ubisoft and their lovely DRM, shame they dont learned that PC Gamers hate that, (Customer Feedbacks are nothing for Ubisoft, Sad) Anyways DRM will hit the PC sales for sure if they insist using it. Personally wont buy it if thats the case . Cheers
  14. I think it could be mixed... 3rd person when you moving and 1st person when you aiming which i don't like!!! Lets all hope it will be 1st person at all. Cheers
  15. Now that they confirmed it... i just want to say Hope it wont be 3rd Person, cuz on PC will be a FAIL... (i guess)...
  16. Finally CONFIRMED... ill cya guys in game.. Cheers Crossix.
  17. i created it. btw.. we need more likes hope it helps to make UBI think about the PC Version. Cheers
  18. Dont really cares about Ubisoft anymore.... taking 4 years for making a games is just CRAP... and no mention they dont care about TRUE GAMERS... PC Gamers, so BF3 and MW3 FTW...
  19. so thats mean Red Storm is still at UBISOFT? Though theyre gone.
  20. Lets supposed that GRFS will comes up (which i doubt), so which dev team will make it.... since Red Storm is no longer on business (as far i know). So you guys think that the dev of GRAW2 will be the guys for GRFS for PC? Regards PS: Sorry i this has been posted before.
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