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  1. @Dannik Piracy ?? - Its a 10 year old game, cant be bought anywhere these days.... Did you read the link ?? - Its a copy of the game WITHOUT the key !! ".....You have been warned by Dannik for a comment made in a topic...." Reason : Abusive behaviour (really....) Penalty : Given 1 points (?) which will never expire Well done man.......
  2. Look here (GRAW2 iso (PC)) : Piracy is not condoned here
  3. Got the invitation for the Wildlands open beta, followed the links (still the same log_in crap) and got : THE GAME IS NOW YOURS YOU CAN FIND YOUR NEW GAME IN YOUR UPLAY PC GAMES LIBRARY Switched to Uplay and ..........NOTHING - NADA - NOPE - NJET - NICHTS - RIEN etc...... Retried again and again ...........NOTHING I am done with Ubicrap !
  4. No code here yet........... Does anyone have problems with logging in to their Ubiplay account. I do, the log in page behaves very irregular, sometimes it accepts my PW but cant get past the captcha, sometimes it does'nt. I changed my PW - same result.
  5. Thanks for the nice quote.... You forgot to mention the cigar from Sarge (Quake III Arena).....LoL
  6. Scroll down in this thread and find the answer : http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/topic/61301-just-bought-graw2-on-pc-today-server-refused-connection/ GRC is partially up, but the main page shows a close down message (no backup ??)
  7. The master/login server is not up, because Ghostreconconnect.com is down. So is Gamediggers.net. Both are hosted through Getsited.org, which is also down. Not sure this has anything to do with the New Zeakand earthquake, but they all disappeared at that time.........
  8. Gamespy server are no longer up, but a re-enginered loginserver now ran by Gamediggers is up. You first have to make an account here : http://ghostreconconnect.com/register/ Then download and run the launcher from here : http://ghostreconconnect.com/downloads/
  9. Nice But my SADS server shows up in HLSW and your serverlist, but not in the GRAW2 internal serverlist. Mostly its up from 18.00-01.00 CET. If I remember well, I had the same problem in the beginning with GameShare's serverlist. After some tweaking by Kalle (or Lekeks) that problem was gone....... Edit : others can see & play on it, so its probably on my side....
  10. @Tom, Stuth & JohnTcO2 I really dont know where you lot distilled the "fact" that I dont like the game. I repeatedly stated that it is still a fantastic game, but simply dont agree with a statement that it's a "well written program". Thats not a rant, that is also freedom of speech.... I did'nt use unsupported phrases like "throwing stones" + "disingenuous assumptions" + "rants" and throw in useless comments like "he who cannot correctly use the ".....quoting system...." (haha) As for contribution : I think I am contributing by playing the game almost daily, advertising its revival, taking part in the GameShare community to improve the GameSpy alternative login program and running a free GRAW2 server for a couple of years. If I dislike the game that much as you guys state, why am I doing this ??? Its alright if you defend the GRAW2 game, but dont make it sound as if it is the a successfull game that is still going strong. Even before GameSpy went dead, this game was almost at the end of its ride. That's probably the reason that clans like - BloodCulture / MIB / RAS don't put up GRAW2 servers anymore. Compared to other (older) FPS shooters, its worldwide installed base in active servers is almost zero. I wish you all a long and meaningfull life with GRAW2, but I am out of here..............
  11. @Struth I used to work for a very big international farmaceutical company, but that does'nt make me a pharmacist...... "....was still called the ARPANET and used solely by the military...." what has this got to do with it ??? "....he who cannot correctly use the ".....quoting system...." in this forum should refrain from throwing stones. - wow, is that a must ?? If I leave these silly non_related lines out of your post - WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY ??? Better now ? can I throw stones now ? Eplain to me WHERE I am throwing stones.... Explain to me WHAT disingenuous assumptions I make.... I believe you cant, because as long you dont have my server logs, you are the one who is making "disingenuous assumptions" As I said before - yes, the game is fantastic, but the game is NOT well programmed : Single Player : Team mates AI is too dumb and useless and does'nt work most of the time...... MultiPlayer : - Badly ported from the PS2 platform - Bad net code, even after several patches its still crappy - Weapon scoop bug (picking up a dropped weapon) - Losing single shot for most weapons after a while - Getting stuck in a lot of places (teammate kill needed) - Weapon change bug (changing your weapons a few times, the game crashes for sure) - Enemies/objects half in a wall - Very limited to none support for admins (no rcon console / adminpassword needs to be entered over and over again and much more) - Mounted MG's and tank MG's kill you with a single shot from the other side of a map - you try that..... - Missed RPG's flying all over the place - Getting shot from far away, only nozzle flash visible - you cant kill them (edge smooting not working very well) - Unable to kill an enemy because of an "obstruction", but they do kill you - Hardcore - Easy modes that live their own lives (also HC - Easy switches that dont work) - You can kill the enemy by shooting his hand - even with a pistol - A shot in the ankle does NOT cripple an enemie - Crappy mouse/keyboard support in menu's - Ubi's costomer support is very bad / non-existing - Most Rental Server Companies refuse to run the game - Tons and tons of unexplained crashes - "Crash in application version: 30899.3048 - Unhandled exception - access violation" is a famous one. - and more..... If the game was programmed very well, it would have been alive and kicking today - its not.......
  12. @Tom ".......the game is fantastic....." - Right ".....the game is well programmed....." - Hahahaha - Tom you do make me laugh sometimes..... B.t.w, what do you mean with : "....how do you get data code out of computer?...." (Asked by you ingame - Geezer Server)
  13. ".......It looks like there's some life left in the game after all, the effort was worth it...." Yes, I agree : http://gameshare.co/forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=154
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