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  1. "FREE TO PLAY online multi-player 3rd person shooter!" No, thnx! Without me, guys. For me and my opinion, GRAW is FPS tactical shooter, and I don't need "fancy features". If I need 3rd person view in game, I can play something like..hmmm... SIMS
  2. We have web-based dedicated server with 10 slots. and running with 1.05 version of GRAW2. Everything working fine but we (our clan) need tips and advice for *.xml setting. If can do that, how? First, how can setup that server checking ping and if it is higher then xy, player kicked out. Many times we have problem with lag from some people with high ping. Second: Is it possible to setup xml to remove blue and red diamond and crosshair? All of us playing without this "fancy gadget" and when is TvT match, you know, we are playing like at "hard mode" without anything on screen except compas, but other (guests) team playing with all of this gadget on screen. Looks like unfair match, right? We are tryed to turn off all this feature through the "hud_visibility" file located on server, but same thing. All is visible for all who not changed hud visibility in own PC. BTW, I was read all, beleave me, all graw2 forum here before I making this topic and please, don't push me on the start again! I will give up for sure! Thank's guys!
  3. Please add our third team for clan *NOB* Mrcine! *NOB* Liganj Borgovich *NOB* Jura Pura Thnx!
  4. Please add two members in our team: (like *NOB* Mrcine Team2) *NOB* Jole Mesar *NOB* Mimoza Minjoza Can you do that?
  5. Put us on the list, please! Two members come from one of the oldest (founded 7 years ago and active ever since), largest and most numerous Croatian gaming clan: *NOB* Mrcine *NOB* Mrljavi *NOB* Belov Feel free to visit us! Croatian gaming clan *NOB* Mrcine
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