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  1. Well thats a pitty, strange way to handle animations. Thanks for the mod pack Pointman, adds some nice stuff to the game, like some blood (finally), and thanks also for pointing me with the modding content.
  2. Hello, I am not regular over here, but I am wondering about some things, I thought of asking them over here since there are people that defenitely are more familiar with the game than I am. Yeah I'm a fan of graw, even though I find the game hard as **** it is pretty amazing to play in coop mode. But there are some very dissapointing things about it, one of them is the lack of a large arsenal of weapons, and the other is that it is not possible to pick objects at all! For a tactical shooter, I am quite surprised how few the weapons are, in fact they are so few that the first time I played it I thought new weapons would be unlocked as I got through the missions, but yeah nop. Not being able to pick enemy weapons either is a deadly flaw, how many times would I want to use that sniper but I just knew I was going to run out of ammo and eeventually restart the level (one and a half hours of stealthy fun wasted), so I always had to stick to automatic carbines. Well anyway, I just want to know, are there any mods that extend the weapons list? Is there any mod that allows the player to pick weapons from the ground? I know about Brettzies weapons pack but quite franquly I find it clunky, and unpolished, the new weapons themselves are detailed but still do not feel organic enough with the original weapons design, and the animations could use some touching, sometimes they don't even make sense in the way they move. I would rather prefer, like a port to graw, of the graw 2 weapons. Yeah yeah I know what youre thinking, "Why don't you rather play graw 2 then?", well graw 2 isn't nearly as well made as graw, the levels are quite linear and the game is very unfair and unbalanced, like when the developers decided that putting a .50 cal gunner in every corner once in a while would be "fun" (troll), I can tell a mile away that graw 2 was rushed, and the graphics even though are the same, they seem to look nicer in graw. I don't know if graw ever came with a mooding toolkit or source code, so I can't quite tell if adding weapon picking is possible or not, most likely the developers never programmed it, but hey, its worth asking right?
  3. Hi all, im new here, and I only signed up for one purpose, I really liked both GRAW games, but the [Official soundtrack] in the second was pretty appealing to my ears, but comes out the in-game [soundtrack] in the PC version is pretty unique, pretty different from the the official one avilable for download, I knew that getting the PC version of the [Official soundtrack] would be something a bit too extensive to ask since the game uses a dynamic sound system, so what did i do? I extracted the sounds from the.bank files using the proper tools, and did a proper composition of the in-game music myself, I dont want to keep this only for myself im pretty sure someone else out there would like to have these for PC as well, so here, ill leave them here, hope someone finds it interesting to check out. Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14346703/Others/Graw%202%20OST%20%5BPC%5D.rar Uploaded to my DropBox account, this forum doesn't let attach files it seems. The files are compressed in a .rar file, make you sure you have the correct application to open it.
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