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  1. Hey I think I was either in a clan with you or played against you. Slayer - Cant remember my team tags - TBP (The Blood Pack) was one.
  2. @ Rocky Please add us The Unknowns [TU] Slayer [TU] Brooklynzoo81
  3. You want to copy the 2011 folder, in its entirety, to the location you just said. Make sure all the files are still contained in the 2011 folder. then launch into GR. Go to options and activate the 2011 mod. I dont have xfire. if you send me your server IP address I will direct join and we can play right now?
  4. Yes, you can host your own LAN. And play it by urself. If you want we can team up. Have you played GR online before?
  5. Fair enough. I will respect that. In a previous post I had admitted that I kno I wouldn't win anything due to the lack of a teammate. I had thought this thread was for un-official or current work in progress scores and that the FB page was the official entry? Would I be premitted to post my score after the week/deadline is up for given mission? This means a great deal to me. As I have spent many years playing GR. But have lost contact (due to a email change) with ALL of my previous team. Again, I dont expect to win anything or to be an official entree. But I would like to post my Solo scores somewhere/sometime if possible? I will gladly accept the P2 challenge. I looked for your top score but was un-able to find it? There was only 3 pages in that topic, and only a few had posted scores. The top one I found was 800+. But i couldnt find your top score?
  6. I would like a partner, but I don't have a mic for comms. Which will kinda kill any tactics or fast time as I would need to type everything in. I know all about team work. Did many years of Clan play, for IGS/TAG leagues. Was and Admin for awhile, watching replays for cheaters. Just did the first mission. I this competition supposed to just test teamwork? Because its seems if one could do it alone, you would just need the 2nd guy to follow you, LOL
  7. Hey, I don't have a teammate. Can I still post my scores anyways? ( I don't expect to win anything since I don't qualify) But I still want to participate.
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