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  1. Just wanna say; Great job (again). You keep the game alive. TAW_BLJ ps (found no new bugs)
  2. John, played the mission (hard) on my (not dedicated) server for about 90 minutes with Maverick. Found no real issues in that time (guess the carbombs have allready been discussed enough). A nice mission for a 2 man team to sink their teeth in. Thank you for keeping an old game attractive (again and again). TAW_BLJ
  3. fan since the original ghost recon

  4. What can I say. The man is right. If you are looking for a clan with good organization on the one hand and members who are fun to be with on the other.... Try us www.taw.net TAW_BLJ
  5. John, I've set up a server running the map but I could move around the map nearly at the speed of light. I've even reloaded the map but I could still move too fast. I haven't tested any other features (yet). TAW_BLJ Never mind. Next time I'll read the instructions first. One more thing you will notice is that you will be in "speed mode" this allows you to get around the map more quickly as you will be walking/running at over twice the normal speed, this version doesn't have any respawn points so if you die (falling will still kill you) you will start from the initial spawn point, you also have maximum health but if you die your health will be set back to normal. TAW_BLJ
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