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  1. Thx all for this time,it was fun coop, thanks you guys who made this possible and we are ready for fight again if new coop come Regards from Team =SEW=
  2. Hello I have send Replay from =SEW= to your emal.adress Rocky Cheers
  3. LOL,,its not night,,u have same time as we in SWEDEN,,70 countrys have summer time in europe
  4. its not out yet,,time for mission-3 is not over yet
  5. ok,i send it for you,plz confirm you recive it,, thanks,
  6. Rocky, wrere do i mail Replays for mission-2 ??
  7. When is deadline gmt? for mission-2 ,,,is it ok to send in replays before 24.00 sweden-time this friday end? have a great weekend all Warriors,
  8. i think not other members should see Replays before all missions is done. only the judge.
  9. were can i download the mission and mod ?
  10. Hi all ok,we are joining to Team =SEW= Players =SEW=Hellraiser =SEW=Evil Oi
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