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  1. Yeh it sucked on that server yesterday, some guy called GW i think, was spamming me with grenade launcher at spawn on that alley map(4 times i was killed in like 4 seconds), it sucked, i complained to him but he just wrote LOL
  2. Just going to server now, 6 on at the moment.
  3. I have a 24/7 mumble server up for anyone that wants to use it ok, feel free. Daytrader's Ghost Recon 24/7 Mumble Server IP/Port: Password: gr.net
  4. just installed mumble, nice little program, just added both of your servers ready, thx
  5. These chat servers will be usefull cheers, but how come you got separate UK and USA chat servers ?, when were on the server surely we would want to be in just 1 room ?
  6. i will be up to playing again this weekend.
  7. was fun earlier, got 5 or 6 players on i think at one point, would have liked to be able to change mission and maybe game type, any chance of adding the remote admin password to the MOTD ? cheers
  8. you want to join my teamspeak ? or shall we just meet on server.
  9. Ok, i will try to watch server between 4 and 5pm Uk time, not played in years mind you
  10. Thx for this mod,oh, and the fog mod, will that also get rid of the fog on the original game ? cheers
  11. Were getting a few players to play on the ghost recon forever server tomorrow.
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